Tesco photo Simon Haytack/CC

Tesco photo Simon Haytack/CC   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Three months on from exhausting all appeals, Socialist Party member Max McGee is preparing to take Tesco to an employment tribunal over his trade union victimisation and sacking. Max was sacked by Tesco on the spurious grounds of ‘exaggerating an injury’, and his dismissal was confirmed by the company in December. This took place at the same time as ballots for strike action at Tesco depots, including Max’s, that forced a pay rise.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to donate to Max’s reinstatement campaign, and trade unionists are encouraged to raise the campaign at their union branches and trades councils over the coming weeks. (Visit gofundme.com/f/reinstate-max-usdaw-rep-socialist)

To keep the pressure on Tesco in the run-up to the forthcoming employment tribunal, the funds raised will be used to produce leaflets drawing attention to his case. We are asking trade unionists and supporters where they can, to distribute leaflets outside their nearest Tesco and take photos of themselves holding posters with #ReinstateMax on them in the week of 12-18 March.

Messages of solidarity, invites for Max to speak on his case at trades councils and union branches, and photos can be sent to [email protected]