Support grows for campaign for new workers’ party

WORKERS ARE looking for a political alternative. That was the message
from the 28 March picket lines as members of eleven trade unions took
strike action in defence of their pensions. At Salford city council, 34
workers signed up in support of the declaration of the Campaign for a
New Workers’ Party (CNWP). On picket lines and at the strike rally in
Coventry, 30 workers signed up.

Roger Bannister, National secretary CNWP

Reports are coming in of many others signing up in support on picket
lines and at rallies around the country showing the strength of feeling
over New Labour’s constant attacks and the lack of genuine political
representation for working-class people. Please send reports from your
area to [email protected]

This week, the total number of signatories in support of the
declaration for a new workers’ party reached over 1,500. 650 have signed
up via the internet with the campaign website
averaging over 1,000 hits a day in March. Over 800 have signed the
petition on stalls, at workplaces, on picket lines, at rallies and at

The campaign is now established after the successful 19 March
conference and needs to continue gaining momentum. Those attending the
conference agreed to aim for at least 5,000 signatories by the end of
the year. This will require supporters to plan how they are going to
raise the campaign in their local areas over the next few months.

The declaration should still be used on stalls and on workplace
activities as well as on local demos and at meetings. The conference
agreed to plan for a national speaking tour in May so supporters in
local areas should start to discuss when and where these could take

At these meetings, the initial local structures of the campaign can
be decided and an initial committee elected. More guidance on this will
be available after the first meeting of the elected CNWP officers on 21

The conference also agreed to establish affiliation to the CNWP and
supporters should think about who they can approach in their local
areas. Trade union branches and local campaign organisations can be
invited to affiliate for a fee of £25 and national organisations can be
invited to affiliate for a fee of £50. Please get in touch with
[email protected] for a model letter that can be used locally.