P&O London protest 21 March photo Isai Priya
P&O London protest 21 March photo Isai Priya

Chris Newby, Socialist Party fighting fund organiser

We are now just £1,603 short of our £25,000 fighting fund target. Socialist Party members and supporters have responded brilliantly to help us smash through. Let’s have a real drive in the next few days, before the quarter ends on 5 April.

Just a look through the pages of the Socialist each week shows the number of workers and community struggles that Socialist Party members are participating in with our socialist message.

On the demos in Dover, Hull and Liverpool in support of sacked P&O workers, our nationalisation placards went down well. While campaigning on the demo in Hull our members raised £28 for the fighting fund calling for the nationalisation of P&O.

On the demo in Coventry in support of the striking bin workers, our placards calling for the reinstatement of sacked bin worker Pete Randle and to stop all cuts and union busting were well received too. Coventry Socialist Party has also produced ten issues of a Socialist Party bulletin for Coventry bin workers.

In addition to this, we are producing tens of thousands of leaflets supporting hundreds of Socialist Party candidates, standing as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), in the May council elections. But all of this costs money. That is why we are asking all our members to continue their fundraising efforts.

There is still time to organise extra campaign stalls to help us reach our target. The anger that the vast majority of people feel at the huge cost-of-living crisis is beginning to be reflected on our Socialist Party campaign stalls.

In Leeds, our members have raised £30 campaigning on this issue, calling for the renationalisation of the energy companies. In Waltham Cross, in Hertfordshire, our members raised £28 saying it’s the rich that should pay for the cost-of-living crisis.

It is still not too late to make a donation to help fund all our campaigning work. As well as donating yourself, is there someone else you can ask to make sure we reach our target, and ensure we have enough campaigning material to raise our socialist message in the stormy events that lie ahead?

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