2011 TUC march against austerity photo Paul Mattsson
2011 TUC march against austerity photo Paul Mattsson

On every picket line where workers fight the bosses’ attacks on pay and working conditions, it’s clear that a national lead is needed to fight for a pay rise and for government action to stem the cost-of-living crisis.

A big national campaign of workers organised in trade unions could raise the sights and galvanise people in every workplace and in every home where working-class people are struggling with rising bills and falling pay.

That is why we must do all we can to make a success of the 18 June national demonstration, called by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), that brings together the leaders of all the trade unions. A demonstration of tens of thousands of trade unionists and their families could be a stepping stone to national strike action.

But that will only happen if we fight for it! Below is a resolution you can move in your union branch. Alternatively, you can use it as a guide to what to ask for and organise in your area.

  • This union branch notes that the TUC has called a national demonstration on 18 June in London.
  • We believe that a massive show of strength on that day can be an important step in building the action we need to fight for an inflation-busting pay rise and measures to end the cost-of-living crisis.
  • We therefore resolve to:
  • Request leaflets and posters from our national union, enough to leaflet every workplace our branch is organised in
  • Organise a meeting/series of meetings in every workplace our union branch is organised to promote the demonstration and involve as many members as possible in building for the demonstration
  • Put on / request our region (as appropriate) to put on free/subsidised transport for all members and their families to the demonstration
  • Further, we call on our national union leadership to make it clear to our members and to the TUC that this demonstration should not be a one-off event but a stepping stone to build the action. The trade unions should produce material for that demonstration that explains the need for the next step:  national coordinated strike action