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Friday, June 21, 2024

Election Manifesto 2012

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition’s five point anti-cuts pledge

The latest fashion among all the parties in Westminster is to steal the Socialist Party's slogan and claim they are introducing policies that help 'the millions not the millionaires'...

For councils that fight the cuts!

Set a 'needs budget': New Labour, Plaid Cymru and Green councils say that have 'no choice' but to implement the cuts - but that just isn't true...

There is an alternative – socialism!

For the Socialist Party another important reason for taking part in the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is to raise the profile of socialist ideas...

Join the Socialist Party!

All of the policies outlined above are only the first steps towards constructing a new type of society...

Capitalism isn’t working: Time to fight for socialist change

Unless you are part of the richest 1% then life under austerity is getting increasingly difficult. Peter Taaffe looks at the nature of capitalism

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