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The Socialist 9 March 2006

Wanted: A party for the millions...not the millionaires!

A party for the millions...not the millionaires!

Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference, 19 March 2006

A headlong dash to sleaze

Fighting for a socialist future

Stoke: Socialist councillors do their job

Liberal Democrats turn right

CWI proposals win support

Iraq: end this military adventure

Berlin Left reject unprincipled coalition

Fight parasitic job agencies

Strike for pension rights!

What will the Education Bill mean for schools?

University staff strike for pay

Power station pay scandal exposed


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The Socialist 9 March 2006, Wanted: A party for the millions...not the millionaires!

spotA party for the millions...not the millionaires!

SO THE husband of New Labour MP Tessa Jowell 'forgot' to tell her that he had taken a 350,000 'present' from a dodgy Italian businessman. What world do these MPs live in?...

spotCampaign for a New Workers' Party conference, 19 March 2006

THERE ARE now over 1,000 signatories to the Campaign for a New Workers' Party declaration. Click here to see the signatures (426Kb html file). This shows the support these ideas are getting amongst workers, community...

spotA headlong dash to sleaze

THE TESSA Jowell/ David Mills affair rumbles on. Each revelation reveals the greedy lifestyles of those closest to power in Britain, writes Tony Mulhearn.

spotFighting for a socialist future

ISR Conference 2006
On Saturday 4 March young people gathered in London to discuss the fight for their future and to democratically agree on a strategy and a programme for that struggle...

spotStoke: Socialist councillors do their job

AT STOKE City Council's budget-setting meeting on 6 March, Blairite elected mayor Mark Meredith tried to pass on government cuts of 21 million over the next three years through cutting jobs and services, increasing council tax and more privatisation...

spotLiberal Democrats turn right

WITH MENZIES 'Ming' Campbell newly elected as leader, Liberal Democrats will att-empt to put the crises of the last few months behind them. This follows the forcing out of previous leader Charles Kennedy because of his alcoholism, and various revelations, writes Steve Score.

International socialist news and analysis

spotCWI proposals win support

Three hundred delegates attended the 2006 Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) conference, in Dundee last weekend. This was 120 fewer when compared to the previous conference, which was held in the aftermath of the resignation of Tommy Sheridan as SSP national, writes Philip Stott, CWI, Scotland.

spotIraq: end this military adventure

George W Bush and his poodle Tony Blair
TONY BLAIR first claimed the invasion of Iraq was to find weapons of mass destruction (WMD); then it was to bring democracy and stability to Iraq and the Middle East, writes Ken Smith.

spotBerlin Left reject unprincipled coalition

THE BERLIN WASG (Election Alternative for Work and Social Justice) regional party conference on 25/26 February overwhelmingly reaffirmed its previous decision not to stand jointly with the Linkspartei.PDS (former East German Communist Party) in regional elections on 17 September, writes Tanja Niemeier, Berlin.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotFight parasitic job agencies

IN MOST towns and cities you're likely to see a recruitment agency. If you're out of work and need money you can go to an agency and they can offer you a job that is casual, low-paid and short-term, writes Colin Wray.

spot Strike for pension rights!

spot What will the Education Bill mean for schools?

spotUniversity staff strike for pay

THOUSANDS OF university staff, members of AUT and NATFHE, took strike action on 7 March over pay. Dale Beale, Press Officer for AUT (University of Manchester branch), spoke to the socialist:...

spotPower station pay scandal exposed

OVER 40 construction workers at Cottam power station in north Nottinghamshire have been on unofficial strike for three weeks...