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Monday, July 15, 2024

The Rise of Militant

By Peter Taaffe

Section one

Section two

Militant Surges

IN THE early 1980s growing class polarisation and the consequent tendency for the bosses to bolster their repressive apparatus raised the issue of the capitalist state and how the labour movement should approach this issue.

Section three

Militant at High Tide

IN EARLY May Militant reported from Wapping: "Last Saturday, in some of the worst scenes of violence ever seen in this country, the police unleashed a vicious attack on print workers, women and children."

Section four

The Poll Tax is Beaten

ANOTHER "WAR" of kinds was taking place in Britain, within the labour movement. On 13 August, only a few days after Pat Wall’s funeral, two right-wing Labour Party councillors had entered the constituency office of Pat Wall. They insisted that the two assistants of Pat Wall gather their personal belongings and leave.

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