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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 317: Blair On The Ropes

The Socialist issue 317

4 October 2003

spotBlair On The Ropes

Iraq, foundation hospitals, top-up tuition fees…: TONY BLAIR says he’s feeling “battered”. And so he should…

spotSupport The Postal Workers: £4,000 London Weighting

LONDON POSTAL workers will be on 24-hour strike on 1 October, as part of their campaign for a £4,000 London weighting allowance…

spotStop The Warmonger

George Bush suffering from the fallout over Iraq: BLAIR IS not the only one who is having problems with opinion polls. George Bush is also suffering from a combination of the fallout over Iraq and anger at his domestic policies…

spotTuition fees must go!

BLAIR SAYS that every New Labour policy will go through a fairness test. What hypocrisy! This from the man who is pushing top-up tuition fees even though 80% of the population and most of his own party…

spotFree the bin tax two

TWO SOCIALIST Party members in Dublin – Joe Higgins TD (MP) and Dublin North Socialist Party councillor Clare Daly – are currently serving one-month prison sentences in Mountjoy prison, Dublin…

spotKarl Debbaut: Trial put back to 24 October

SOCIALIST PARTY member Karl Debbaut has had the hearing for his charges of “assault on a police officer” (an allegation which anti-war protesters totally reject) put back until 24 October…

spot27 September Demo: Anger At Blair But Where Next?

THE LARGE demonstration on 27 September against the occupation of Iraq was a strong expression of anger at New Labour and Tony Blair but frustration about what can be done next, writes Alison Hill and Judy Beishon.

spotAmsterdam Demo Opposes Cuts

ON 20 September, 25,000 people took to the streets of Amsterdam to angrily protest against huge cuts of 17 billion euros in welfare provision, writes Ron Blom, Offensief, Amsterdam.

spotInterviews with London postal workers

United Struggle For A Living Wage: CWU rep at the Fulham office and deputy convenor of the south-west London area…

spotLabour Party conference: Why We Need A New Workers’ Party

IN HIS best imitation of Margaret Thatcher so far, Blair showed in his conference speech that he’s not for turning…

spotJoe Higgins and Clare Daly – jailed over the bin tax

DUBLIN WEST Socialist Party TD (MP), Joe Higgins and Dublin North Socialist Party councillor, Clare Daly have been sentenced to a month in prison and are currently serving their sentence in Dublin’s Mountjoy prison, writes Peter Hadden.


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