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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Socialist issue 315: How Many More Lies?

The Socialist issue 315

20 September 2003

spotIraq: How Many More Lies?

THOUSANDS HAVE died in the war and occupation of Iraq. Many are still dying…

spotDefend Anti-War Protesters

Anti war protester Karl faces the possibility of a six-month prison sentence. THE SCHOOL student and student strikes on the day war with Iraq began (Day X) will never be forgotten by the thousands who…

spotNHS -Yet more lies

NEW LABOUR have also lied about the National Health Service. They said that their proposed private treatment centres would not poach NHS staff but it’s now clear that they will…

spotAction Against Killing for Profit

LAST WEEK International Socialist Resistance (ISR) members took part in the protests against Britain’s biggest arms fair, the Defense and Systems and Equipment International (DSEi), which is funded by the Ministry of Defence, writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

spotPostal Workers’ Ballot Narrowly Lost

THE DECISION of postal workers not to strike by the narrowest of margins – less than 2% or 1,700 votes out of 95,000 votes cast – is undoubtedly a blow to postal workers’ attempts to end the poverty pay they have endured for decades, writes Bill Mullins, Socialist Party Industrial Organiser.

spotInterview with CWU leader Dave Ward: Challenging Royal Mail’s Accounts

DAVE WARD is the recently elected deputy general secretary of the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU)…

spotPress Release: Joe Higgins TD (MP) and Councillor Clare Daly Jailed

Appeal for Letters of Support: THE SOCIALIST Party in Southern Ireland are in the middle of a massive community battle against the government’s plans to extend local taxation…

spotWTO Wounded But Capitalist Exploitation Still Rules

Editorial: “JUST AS trade unions are ultimately taken seriously only if they are prepared to strike, so the G21 and the other emerging coalitions of developing countries came to the view that it was better to walk away than accept a bad deal.” (Larry Elliot, The Guardian 15/9/03)…

spotWhat’s the socialist alternative for education?

THE START of the new academic year has coincided with the annual furore over exam results, in this case both ‘A’ levels and GCSEs, writes Bob Sulatycki.

spotLiverpool: The City That Fought Back

IT IS now twenty years ago, back in 1983, that the people of Liverpool elected a Labour council to roll back the onslaught on their city’s working class being perpetrated by the Thatcher government and the local Liberal/Tory alliance…

spotSweden: Historic Vote Routs The Political Establishment

“THIS IS the most humiliating defeat ever for the economic and political establishment in Sweden,” – TV political analyst K G Bergstrom, writes Per Olsson, Rattvisepartiet Socialisterna, CWI – Sweden.

spotIsraeli/Palestinian conflict

Sharon’s Assassination Inc. “HIS EXPULSION is an option, his liquidation is another op-tion. It is also possible to confine him to prison-like conditions.”…

spotTUC Congress 2003

THIS YEAR’S TUC was reported by the press as much more to the left than ever before. The tabloids in particular were frothing at the mouth about the unions going back to the “bad old days of the 1970s”. Bill Mullins, Socialist Party Industrial Organiser, writes.


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