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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 289: Stop The Countdown To War

The Socialist issue 289

28 February 2003

spotStop The Countdown To War

WITH A mixture of bribery and bullying, the United States and Britain will spend the next few days trying to organise a majority in the United Nations Security Council for a war against Iraq, writes Dave Nellist, Socialist Party councillor Coventry and Stop the War Coalition steering committee.

spotStrike And Protest Against The War

spotStep Up Action Against War

spotHypocrite Bush’s New Nuke Programme

spotAslum Seekers: Blunkett’s Harsh Laws Illegal

spotItaly: Direct Action Against War

spotBush tries to carve up Iraq After Saddam

spotAnkle-cuffed for 18 hours!

spotGreece: Workers And Bosses On A Collision Course

spot‘Partnership’= Benefits For Bosses


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