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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Socialist issue 283: Wage War On Low Pay

The Socialist issue 283

17 January 2003

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotWage War On Low Pay: Support the firefighters

BLAIR IS preparing to wage war in Iraq and at home. While resisting the firefighters’ wholly justified pay claim he is preparing to spend up to £5 billion on sending troops to invade Iraq, writes Bill Mullins.

spotNo To Bush And Blair’s War

spotWar On Iraq: The Pressures Grow

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spotGun Crime – Fact And Fiction

THE KILLING of two innocent young black women on New Years Day, apparently caught in the crossfire of a gang battle, sparked a flurry of media interest in gun crime, writes Steve Score.

spotDomestic Violence: Don’t Let New Labour Renege On Their Pledges

spotFirefighters Ready For Battle Again

Socialist Party features

spotThe Great British Wage Theft

TONY BLAIR and Gordon Brown have warned the unions that wage increases could wreck the economy

spotStop the War Coalition conference

International socialist news and analysis

spotGujarat: Communalists Profit From Hate

spotSuez 1956: When British Imperialism Hit The Rocks

Socialist Party workplace news

spotHackney Trade Unionists Attacked

AT THE end of last year Hackney council made vicious attacks on union activists. They suspended the two job-share UNISON branch secretaries Brian Debus and Will Leng and the branch equalities officer John


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