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The Socialist issue 412: Bird 'flu: Take over the drug companies

The Socialist issue 412

20 October 2005

spotTake over the drug companies

THE SPREADING of the bird ‘flu virus has shown up the complacency of governments and the big pharmaceutical firms’ hard-faced profiteering…

spotHealth service… condition critical!

EVIDENCE IS piling up about the damage which Labour’s policies are doing to the health service…

spotGovernment climbs down but questions still remain

FACING THE possible threat of the biggest strike movement since 1926 it appears that the New Labour government has partially retreated from some of its plans on public-sector pensions – such as increasing the retirement age…

spotCourts fail to tackle rail dangers

PRIVATISATION OF public transport has consistently put profits before safety and the courts say they can do very little about it…

spotCome to Socialism 2005 – defend democratic rights

Ejecting Walter Wolfgang from Labour Party conference for daring to heckle Jack Straw is one thing but then to subject him to a search under the Terrorism Act Section 44 does more than just add insult to injury.

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spotStudents are searching for a socialist alternative

University Freshers’ fairs: The response to our stalls at Manchester University, Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University was brilliant…

spotSleepwalking to segregation?

IS BRITAIN "sleepwalking its way to segregation" and US-style ghettos, as claimed by Trevor Phillips, Chair of the Commission for Racial Equality?…

spotPoorest areas of towns and villages suffer most

Asian Earthquake disaster: I HAVE been in Bagh, a city in Jammu and Kashmir. I arrived with a truckload of aid from workers and trade unionists in Lahore. This is just one of five…

spotIraq: Women’s rights pushed back

THE INVASION and occupation of Iraq has resulted in the deaths and suffering of millions of ordinary Iraqis…

spotStrong solidarity action against Connex union-busting

ON 6 OCTOBER, a five hour unofficial strike almost completely stopped the underground system in Stockholm…

spotChallenging ‘partnership’

DVLA Swansea: SOCIALIST PARTY members and other Left Unity supporters in civil service union PCS at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea, have laid down a marker for the future by challenging the current right-wing le…

spotLondon bus workers reject pay offer

SEVENTY PERCENT of TGWU drivers at London General buses voted for industrial action in a ballot on 14 October…


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