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The Socialist issue 376: Cancel the debt

The Socialist issue 376

15 January 2005

spotTsunami disaster: cancel the debt

THE TERRIBLE effects of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean have forced the world’s richest nations, the G8, to agree to suspend debt repayments from the worst hit countries…

spotTsunami disaster: It’s business as usual for the politicians

IN SPITE of tens of thousands of people losing their lives in one of the biggest disasters the modern world has ever seen, it’s business as usual for the politicians…

spotTsunami disaster: Will the West’s aid ever arrive?

THE GENEROUS response of people worldwide to the plight of the tsunami victims is a graphic example of human solidarity and internationalism…

spotAction needed on global warming

THE TSUNAMI disaster highlighted the dangers of coastal communities being inundated due to cyclones, floods and extreme weather events…

spotSri Lanka after the tsunami – opportunities and tensions

FOLLOWING THE tsunami in Sri Lanka, more than 40,000 people have lost their lives and there are about 800,000 refugees…

spotEnd the occupation of Iraq

THE LOOMING ‘elections’ in Iraq are being daily exposed as a sham – designed to get the right result for the US paymasters and the Iraqi interim government…

spotProtest against the occupation of Iraq

29-30 January -: Elections are scheduled to take place in Iraq on 30 January. Bush and Blair are desperate for these elections to take place to try to convince the world they are giving Iraqi people some control over their lives.

spotRacist police beat up Palestinian student

MUHAMMAD MANSUR is an Israeli Palestinian medical student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem…

spotA workers’ leader on a worker’s wage

SOCIALIST PARTY member Roger Bannister will be challenging public sector union UNISON’s link with the Labour Party in the forthcoming general secretary election…

spotAn eventful year for a Socialist councillor

Chris Flood

Chris Flood, Socialist Party Councillor: JUST OVER a year ago, CHRIS FLOOD was elected as the second Socialist
Party councillor in Telegraph Hill ward in Lewisham, south London…

spotBlunkett: a study in opportunism

TONY MULHEARN, member of the group of Liverpool 47 councillors who fought the Thatcher government between 1983 and 1987, reviews David Blunkett by Stephen Pollard…

spotCoventry single status ‘deal’ – but same rip-off

AFTER THE massive rejection of Coventry council’s single status proposals last year by the workforce, council managers have come up with a new ‘deal’.

spotDirty profits hit hospitals

THE GOVERNMENT has launched another ‘initiative’ aimed at improving standards of hospital cleanliness…

spotVera Drake

AFTER SEEING a Mike Leigh production you generally feel like putting your head in the oven. But this film makes you feel angry as well…


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