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The Socialist issue 410: Hands off our hospitals!

The Socialist issue 410

6 October 2005

spotHands off our hospitals!

BIG BUSINESS is queuing up to try and make big money out of the NHS. But every week, in many different areas, there are new protests at policies that…

spotWhy this year’s Labour Party conference poses the need for a new workers’ party

Time to take the ‘German’ road: IT IS twenty years since Neil Kinnock, then Labour leader, talked about ‘grotesque chaos’ in his infamous witch-hunting attack at Labour Party conference on Liverpool City Council and the Militant Tendency (predecessor to th…

spotCome to Socialism 2005 – the forum for real debate

New Labour is so terrified of debate that they did not allow discussion on Iraq at their party conference. Eighty-two year old delegate Walter Wolfgang’s one word of criticism ‘nonsense’ was enough to have him physically thrown out the conference and detained under the terrorism act.
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spotTory Party fights for its survival

EXTOLLED FOR decades as the most successful capitalist party in Europe, caretaker leader Michael Howard this week presides over a squabbling bunch of would-be successors in the Tory party…

spotGlobal warming: Profit system guilty!

CAPITALISM IS screwing up the world! Scientists say that because of global warming, land and sea species are dying out faster than previously predicted,…

spotScottish by-elections: Workers reject political establishment

THE SCOTTISH Socialist Party (SSP) contested two by-elections last week. In the Glasgow Cathcart Scottish parliament election CWI member Ronnie Stevenson…

spotChina – new ‘great power’ or new revolution?

UNTIL RECENTLY China was seen as the main economic lifeline for world capitalism…

spotFrench unions unite to protest and strike

A UNITED front of French trade union confederations (the first time since 1976) is organising a national day of action and strikes on Tuesday 4 October…

spotWhy the IRA campaign failed to defeat the British state

Lessons of Northern Ireland: AFTER THE recent report confirming that the IRA has ‘decommissioned’ its arms, NIALL MULHOLLAND looks at the approach taken by socialists to the IRA’s campaign after the ‘Troubles’ re-emerged in the late 1960s…

spotGrudging acceptance of Gate Gourmet deal

THE GRUDGING acceptance by Gate Gourmet workers of the deal cobbled together between the TGWU leadership and Gate Gourmet management looks likely to bring an end to this dispute…

spotNew attack on council workers’ pensions

IT’S CLEAR that the truce over pensions between local government workers and New Labour is now over…

spotTen years ago – Liverpool dockers’ strike

THE ALMOST three-year long struggle by Liverpool dockers began at the end of September ten years ago…


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