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The Socialist issue 401: No to terrorism

The Socialist issue 401

14 July 2005

spotNo to terrorism, No to war

AS MILLIONS of us in London go about our daily lives the nightmare of Thursday 7 July still looms over us. The horrific killing of ordinary people, of all ages and from every ethnic group, has shocked and saddened millions in London and beyond. The socialist utterly condemns these attacks as we did those of 9/11, the Madrid bombings and all similar attacks aimed at indiscriminate slaughter.

spotHorror on our doorstep

CAMDEN COUNCIL worker HUGO PIERRE works close to Kings Cross station. He reports:…

spotLondon bombings and Iraq

THERE IS a huge wellspring of sympathy and solidarity – shared by the socialist – for the victims of the London tube and bus bombings…

spotFight racism and Islamophobia

PAUL MACKNEY, general secretary of NATFHE, the college and university lecturers’ union, has spoken out against the dangers of an Islamophobic backlash after the London bombings…

spotNo to terrorism – No to war

For mass united working class action against imperialism and capitalism: Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) statement, Friday 8 July 2005…

spotISR –  getting our message across

INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST Resistance (ISR) members have just returned from a week of protests at the G8 talks…

spotA new challenge from the left in Germany

POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS in Germany are speeding up. In January a new left-wing party was formally launched called “Work and Social…

spotMao – the story is known

Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday: Peter Taaffe reviews Mao The Unknown Story – an exposé of the leader of the Red Army and the ruler of China for 27 years…

spotSave our education

COVENTRY’S COMPREHENSIVE education is under attack. Coventry city council recently announced proposals to turn three of our secondary schools…

spotDefend Saudi workers

SWANSEA TRADE Union Council is supporting the ‘Campaign for Democratic Trade Union Rights in Saudi Arabia’…

spotDistribution staff fight for pay and conditions

TRADE UNIONS representing Morrison’s retail distribution workers are considering strike action to secure meaningful negotiations with the company…


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