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The Socialist, issue 576: Fight the cuts!

Articles from the Socialist, issue 576

22 April 2009

spotFight the cuts!

Workers occupied Visteon Enfield, photo Paul Mattsson

Big business parties attack our services: Whether a Labour or a Tory government is elected at the next general election, either will try to make extensive public spending cuts, writes Judy Beishon.

Environment and socialism

spotNew Labour’s environmental ploy: How green are electric cars?

Electric cars, but ... (photo Chris Moore)

DESPERATE TO arrest his precipitous decline in the opinion polls, Gordon Brown has announced an incentive scheme to give people up to £5,000 towards the cost of trading in their old car for an electric one, writes Ken Douglas.


spotVisteon workers stand up to bosses

Basildon sacked Visteon car workers demonstrate, photo Greg Maughan

The struggle of the Visteon workers at the Basildon, Enfield and Belfast plants continues into its fourth week as the workers remain determined to force the employers to honour their contracts…

spotTaking the Visteon struggle forward

spotBasildon workers picket Ford showrooms

spotSolidarity with the Visteon Workers

Socialist Party public meeting

Solidarity with the Visteon Workers

Thursday 23 April, 7.30pm

Room 101, University London Union,

Malet Street, London WC1

Speakers from Enfield and Basildon

spotEnfield workers say: “Do a Visteon!”

spotDisbelief at Visteon bosses’ offer

Socialist Party election campaign

spotEuropean elections: a workers’ alternative to New Labour takes shape

No2EU - Yes to Democracy press launch. Bob Crow, Brian Denny, Dave Nellist, photo Suzanne Beishon

THE No2EU-Yes to Democracy electoral coalition, led by the RMT rail workers’ union, took a big step forward last week when the national steering committee met to discuss the campaign’s candidates for June’s European elections…

spotNo2EU – yes to democracy

Socialist Party youth and students

spotYouth Fight for Jobs

Youth Fight For Jobs demonstration, photo Paul Mattsson

Launch conference: For more info and updates see:…

Socialist Party campaigns

spotG20 Summit death: Independent inquiry into police violence, now!

AS REVELATIONS continue, surrounding the policing of the G20 and in particular the tragic killing of Ian Tomlinson at the hands of the police, questions about the role of officers and the specific tactics of ‘kettling’ (containing demonstrators for hours inside police cordons) increase, writes Greg Maughan.

spotTesco: Every billion helps

spotCIA torture

International socialist news and analysis

spotTamil action to stop the war continues

Massive demonstration in London against ther military attacks on Tamils in the north of Sri Lanka, photo D. Carr

STOP THE Slaughter of Tamils (SST) campaign followed up on the massive national demonstration against the war in Sri Lanka on 11 April with a public meeting in central London, writes Manny Thain.

spotIreland: Budget savages workers

Feature: The Central Bank of Ireland says the Irish economy contracted by 3% last year and will contract by 7% this year and another 3% next year…

Marxist analysis: history

spotBetrayals that led to Thatcher’s victory

Callaghan's Labour government  ministers were puppets of the bosses capitalist system, photo Alan Hardman

Britain in the 1970s: 30 years ago, the Tory Party leader Margaret Thatcher won a general election which was to prove a sea change in British politics…

spotHillsborough – 20 years on

Socialist Party workplace news

spotStead McAlpin: Protesting in London

Sacked Stead McAlpine workers from Carlisle protest in London, photo Neil Cafferky

Last week The Socialist reported on the sacking of Stead McAlpin workers in Carlisle. Stead McAlpin’s parent company Apex recently bought the firm from John Lewis Partnership, who had assured workers…

spotUnison: a fighting and democratic union needed

spotPostal workers’ solidarity action

spotWales FE funding: Victory, but keep the champagne on ice

spotNational Shop Stewards Network conference

spotSaturday 27 June

National Shop Stewards Network conference

Saturday 27 June

South Camden Community School, Charrington Street, London WC1




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