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The Socialist, issue 602: Fighting for a future

Articles from the Socialist, issue 602

18 November 2009

spotFighting for a future

spotYouth march for jobs

Global Warming

spotMore evidence of climate change: Socialist planning needed

Flooding in Gloucester, photo Chris Moore

Climate change is accelerating. On 4 November the North Sea arctic ice cap fell below the record lows for November set during 2007. Updated daily, the National Snow and Ice Data centre’s website shows…

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotBritish Airways merger plan poses new threat to workers

FRIDAY 13TH was the date BA and Iberia announced the details of their proposed merger. While the potential pay-off of a successful merger will prove very lucky for the bank balances of bosses at BA and…

spotTamil refugees in desperate situation

spotLabour pushes nuclear plants

spotFast news

Socialist Party workplace news

spotThird week of Superdrug strike

Superdrug workers at the company’s distribution centre in South Elmsall, West Yorkshire, were in defiant mood as their strike entered its third week, writes Steve Faulkner, South Elmsall.

spotBrighton bin workers score quick victory

spotLeeds council delays talks to end bin dispute

spotSheffield First bus drivers beat back bullying management

Socialist Party feature

spotInterview with Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary

Mark Serwotka at Socialism 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

Mark Serwotka, the general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) is standing for re-election in the next few weeks…

Marxist analysis: history

spotUSSR 1989 – the collapse of Stalinism

Clare Doyle – of the Committee for a Workers’ International – was an eyewitness to the tumultuous events in 1989, and for five years (1990-95) lived in Russia as the USSR collapsed…

Socialist Party election analysis

spotGlasgow North East by-election: Mass abstentions in Labour’s ‘surprise win’

LABOUR’S VICTORY in the Glasgow North East by-election last week by more than 8,000 votes over the Scottish National Party (SNP) seems, on the face of it, to be a surprise, writes Philip Stott, International Socialists (CWI Scotland).

spotFar right SDL driven out of Glasgow city centre

Socialist Party Marxist analysis

spotService with a snarl: Robert Service refuses to answer questions

Leon Trotsky reading The Militant newspaper in 1931

HISTORIAN ROBERT Service recently wrote a well-publicised and widely distributed book Trotsky – a biography…

Workplace news and analysis

spotWorking life in a car factory

Steve Bell of Aylesbury Socialist Party recently interviewed a car worker at the BMW plant in Oxford, writes What is your working life like at the moment?.

spotEricsson closure condemned by Coventry socialist councillor

spotSave Ashford further education

spotLondon trade unionists meet to build workers’ solidarity


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