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The Socialist, issue 573: Youth Fight For Jobs

Articles from the Socialist, issue 573

31 March 2009

spotThe G20 leaders have no solution to the crisis…

Join the march for jobs

spotFight for a future!

Governments and bosses try to make young people pay for their crisis. They were once called the iPod generation and labelled as apathetic and uninterested in politics, as binge-drinking consumers with a short-term mindset. Now ‘Generation iPod’ has become ‘Generation Crunch’.

spotYouth Fight for Jobs conference

spotWhy I’m marching

spotThe grim reality of job-hunting

G20 protests

spotG20 Summit: Capitalism facing ‘make or break’

Youth Fight for Jobs on the 'Put People First' demo, photo Paul Mattsson

AHEAD OF the G20 summit, tens of thousands of trade unionists, left wingers, environmentalists, NGOs and aid charities took part in the peaceful ‘Put People First’ demonstration through central London last Saturday…

spotFree market system killing our planet

spotUEL clampdown

spotBail out workers, not Wall Street!

Socialist Party workplace news

spotVisteon workers occupy Belfast factory

Visteon workers in Belfast have started an occupation of the former Ford car parts factory. Administrators KPMG have only offered the 200-plus workers paltry statutory redundancy payments, writes John Maguire, Unite convenor spoke to The Socialist from the occupation:.

spotConstruction workers’ protests continue

spotSocialist stands in Aslef leadership elections

spotCollege teachers strike in Eastbourne

spotUnison needs a fighting leadership: Leeds City Council

spotWhipps Cross Hospital

spotUnison elections

Socialist Party Marxist analysis

spotEconomic crisis turning into political action

CWI European meeting: The European Bureau of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) took place this week. The CWI is the socialist international to which the Socialist Party is affiliated. The meeting discussed the…

Socialist Party election campaign

spotNo2EU – Yes to Democracy

NO2EU on the 'Put People First' demo, photo Paul Mattsson

The No2EU-Yes to Democracy electoral coalition, headed by Bob Crow, the general secretary of the RMT transport workers’ union, will be contesting seats in June’s European elections…

spotDave Nellist on the Politics Show

Socialist Party campaigns

spotPoor hit by price rises

SURPRISING ALL the pundits, inflation went both up and down last month – that is to say, up for the poor and down for the rich, writes Pete Mason.

spotNo to privatised polyclinics

spotGordon Brown meets the bankers

spotSack the bankers not the workers!

spotFast News

International socialist news and analysis

spotNow that the profits are drying up in the Indian software industry

A JOURNALIST friend recently asked me how recession is affecting India’s software professionals. He wanted to write a story on how recession has adversely affected the lifestyle of software professionals,…

spotSweden: Socialist councillor viciously assaulted by Nazis

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