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The Socialist issue 841

28 January 2015

Austerity elite can be beaten

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The Socialist issue 841

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotSyriza victory shows austerity elite can be beaten

That’s the message ringing out from Greece in the aftermath of the country’s parliamentary elections on 25 January

Greek workers marching in Thessaloniki, photo Ged Travers

Greek workers marching in Thessaloniki, photo Ged Travers

spotIs the Green Party the answer?

Widespread electoral disillusionment with the Tory, Labour and Lib Dem establishment parties has opened up a political vacuum. Claire Laker-Mansfield questions whether the Green Party provides the answer to the lack of working class political representation.

spotGovernment welfare cuts: No to sanctions!

spotTories and Labour refuse moratorium on fracking

This government cares more about profits for energy companies than it does about what happens to people

spotDavos summit: ‘The pitchforks are coming!’

spotQuantitative Easing: Socialism for the rich!

If you’re in a hole, stop digging. But not it seems if you happen to be the European Central Bank (ECB) dealing with the depressed Eurozone economies

spot‘Defenders of democracy’ mourn despot’s death

On 11 January Barack Obama and David Cameron, together with 40 other world leaders, marched arm-in-arm through Paris after the Charlie Hebdo events proclaiming the values of free speech and other democratic rights, writes Simon Carter.

spotThem & Us

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

spotGearing up for largest anti-cuts election challenge yet

“Fantastic Day, Fantastic Conference, Fantastic People” tweeted Red Labour Hull councillor Dean Kirk on his way home from addressing the conference of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

2015 TUSC conference, photo J Beishon

2015 TUSC conference, photo J Beishon

spotElection Appeal 2015

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotEnd the housing crisis

Housing. A basic human need, one of the requirements for human life. Yet in London tonight, over 6,000 will sleep rough. More than 60,000 children will be in temporary accommodation

Social housing not social cleansing, photo Paul Mattsson

Social housing not social cleansing, photo Paul Mattsson

spotExtra, extra! Socialist needs new sales!

No one can beat the Socialist on analysis and ideas. No one can even come close to the clarity and audacity of the programme we propose. All we need to do is get it out there. We need to sell it

spotLib-Lab political bung scandal

Labour parliamentary candidate Lee Sherriff has taken a £10,000 political ‘donation’ for her election campaign from millionaire property dealer Lord Oakeshott

spotLeicester marches for free education

People across Leicester will march for free education 31 January

spotBurns’ Night a blazing success

The annual “Alternative Burns’ Night Supper” organised by the Carlisle Socialist Party was described by a journalist from the local paper as his best ever night out in the city

Socialist Party comments and reviews

spotBook review: Unison bureaucracy unmasked

Defend the Four: protest against Unison witchhunt, 2009, photo Suzanne Beishon

Defend the Four: protest against Unison witchhunt, 2009, photo Suzanne Beishon

spotWhy I joined the Socialist Party

I grew up during the Cold War, and my politics didn’t stretch much further than no nukes and vote Labour

spotShapps’ lies on housing

Tory party chair Grant Shapps claimed recently that Britain’s council housing waiting list had fallen

spotInept waste site renationalised

Sellafield nuclear reprocessing site is a poorly managed deposit for tens of thousands of tonnes of dangerous nuclear waste

Socialist Party workplace news

spotUsdaw elections: ‘We need a winning, fighting union’

Socialist Party member Amy Murphy is standing for president in the Usdaw shop workers’ union elections, as well as for re-election as a Southern division executive council member

spotRMT forces DLR bosses back

spotNI Water workers’ victory

Despite efforts by Stormont politicians and many in the Northern Ireland media to vilify them, striking NI Water workers have won significant concessions from management

spotWorkplace news in brief


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