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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 868

2 September 2015

Killed by benefit cuts

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The Socialist issue 868

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotKilled by benefit cuts

2,380 dead after Tory attacks on disabled: The full horror of Iain Duncan Smith’s bullying of the sick and disabled off benefits is now clear. We say: scrap ‘work capability assessments’ and reverse welfare cuts!

spotMade-up benefit sanction quotes: Tory lies no surprise to us

Tory work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has been caught out totally making up quotes. Imaginary people subject to welfare sanctions – punishment by cutting benefits – say it actually helped them.

spotTwo million bailiff calls as councils brutalise poor

In the past year, councils in England and Wales have sent bailiffs in to collect debts over two million times.

spotBin crash tragedy shows pressure on sick to work

There is enormous pressures on disabled and ill people to remain at work. Those who don’t work face benefit cuts.

spotGreed: bosses hike rail fares three times faster than wages

Rail fares have risen three times faster than wages over the last five years. Meanwhile, profiteering rail companies continue to neglect public safety, threatening to axe more essential guards and station staff.

spotThem & Us

The rich have it easy, the rest of us struggle. Super-rich bosses can now literally swim in the sky.

spot“Unapologetic attack on austerity” at Southampton Corbyn rally

Socialist Party reports & campaigns

spotNottinghamshire: don’t close our mental health unit

Broomhill Mental Health rehabilitation is a vital bridge between acute wards and community living.

spotLincolnshire: save our schools!

Around 300 angry people attended a meeting in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire recently, opposing proposals to close the town’s main school.

spotAnger as promised women’s museum becomes Ripper museum

On 4-5 August, protests were held in Whitechapel, east London, where a Jack the Ripper ‘museum’ is being opened. Dozens of activists and local residents protested with placards commemorating Jack the Ripper’s victims and also the women that made history in the area.

International socialist news and analysis

spotThailand plagued by military junta and downturn

The horrific bombing in Thailand’s capital Bangkok on 17 August killed 20 people and seriously injured 125. Meanwhile, workers are crushed between the country’s dictatorial government and the global economic crisis.

spotInternational news in brief

Short stories on workers’ struggles around the world.

Socialist Party features

spotCorbyn campaign: surges, purges and preparation

‘Corbynmania’ saw no let up throughout August. Thousands thronged to hear the left-wing candidate for Labour leader across the land. Meanwhile, the party’s Blairite bureaucracy is trying to purge new supporters and skew the election.

spotYouth Fight Austerity

Young and angry? Whether you are studying, working or unemployed in Britain today, you come up against the Tories’ agenda.

spotStudents attacked from all sides

The UK’s £75 billion deficit and £1.6 trillion debt were not caused by the disadvantaged, the poor, students or the working class, so why should we pay for a crisis we didn’t create?

Socialist history

spotZimmerwald Conference 1915: lessons for the socialist movement

100 years ago, during the carnage of World War One, a small number of socialist delegates assembled at an anti-war conference in Zimmerwald, Switzerland.

Workplace news and analysis

spotJoin the NSSN lobby of TUC Congress

Kill the bill!: National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) national chair Rob Williams explains why all trade unionists should come to the NSSN lobby of TUC Congress on 13 September to build the pressure for mass action to defeat the Tories planned new anti-union laws.

spotRail and PCS strikers rally together

spotLondon tube workers force bosses to move

Tube unions RMT, TSSA and Unite suspended the 24-hour strike action which was planned to start on the evenings of 25 and 27 August but they have made it clear to London Underground (LU) the dispute remains ongoing.

spotRoyal Mail union rep sacked – reinstate John now!

John Vasey, a CWU (postal workers’ union) workplace rep at Royal Mail Delivery Office in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, was sacked on 21 August on a charge connected with non-delivery of election material.

spot‘Pay the rate’ construction protests continue on Teesside

Protests have continued at the Wilton complex in Teesside over pay. SITA Sembcorp has laid off workers and replaced them with contractors who employ workers paid less than trade union agreed rates.

spotBioscientists’ strike forces management’s climbdown

spotIndesit strikers determined to press on for acceptable deal

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

Socialist Party comments and reviews

spotRejected by Labour bureaucrats

When Mansfield resident Roy Bainton sent £3 and applied to register as a Labour supporter, a Labour Party official turned him down. The official explained why prospective party members could be rejected.

spotNuclear Secrets: a dangerous dead end

TV review: Geoff Jones reviews the BBC4 TV programme Britain’s Nuclear Secrets – Inside Sellafield (on BBC iPlayer until 10 September).

spotObituary: Anne Ullah Khan

Anne Ullah Khan, a very dear friend and comrade, has died.


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