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The Socialist issue 896

6 April 2016

Nationalise steel

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The Socialist issue 896

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Steel crisis

spotWorkers’ action to nationalise steel

March, strike, occupy: 15,000 steel jobs are on the line, but the call to nationalise Tata is growing louder and the political pressure on Cameron to act is building!

spotTata steel: Act now – fight for nationalisation

The jobs of 15,000 steelworkers directly employed by Tata are on the line. But when all those who depend on the plants are included, three times as many workers could be facing the dole. This is a national emergency that needs emergency measures.

spotMy hometown lost its soul when the steelworks closed

I want a future: Growing up in Corby, there was nothing. There was no investment. The town centre was sold to private developers time and time again and the latest attempt at urban regeneration has left several uncompleted projects, empty buildings as monuments to failure.

spotBosses’ and union tops’ “agenda of misery”

Steel crisis: I was a steelworker for almost 40 years. Skilled jobs, when they are gone are gone. I feel like I’ve jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotNeeded: a real living wage – not Cameron’s sops

In many town and cities around the country, people greeted the government’s new ‘living wage’ – just £7.20 an hour, only for over-25s – with protests on its 1 April start date.

spotLibrary occupied in ‘siege’ against Blairite cutters

Carnegie Library in Lambeth, south London, is under community occupation. The borough’s Labour council closed it on 31 March to begin transforming it into yet another gym.

spotSave Pent Valley school demo demands a council u-turn

A hundred demonstrators staged a loud, colourful march through Folkestone on Saturday 2nd April against the threatened closure of Pent Valley secondary school. The closure is being driven by Tory-controlled Kent County Council and is the latest in a series of school closures across Kent.

spotButterfields tenants and supporters ‘walk the walk’

“We have been treated like garbage. We are not garbage,” said Daniel, one of the tenants from the Butterfields estate in Walthamstow, east London. He was speaking at a ‘walk-the-walk’ event on 2 April organised by the campaign against evictions on the estate.

spotLondon Labour councils purge housing waiting lists

Labour councils in London have sat on their hands as the national housing crisis grips their boroughs. Now they resort to cooking the books and ‘pop-up homes’ to cover it up.

spotFighting fund target smashed, again!

Socialist Party members raised a record £36,281 in the first three months of 2016 – smashing the target, getting to 145%.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotPanama Papers: they’re all in it together!

Anonymous shell companies, foundations and trusts revealed in the ‘Panama Papers’ have been likened to “getaway cars” for the high-end criminal. You load up the swag and put your foot down. On second thoughts, drive as slowly as you like – the cops are in on it.

spotGetting the anti-austerity struggle onto the ballot paper

TUSC election challenge 2016: The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has stood candidates on a clear no-cuts platform since its formation in 2010. But won’t standing this time undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s aim to change Labour into an anti-austerity party?

spotTUSC in ‘surprise bid’ for official exit lead

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has launched what the BBC called a “surprise bid” to be the official Leave campaign in June’s referendum on European Union membership

spotTUSC councillor calls on trust to reject new junior doctors contract

A Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) councillor in Warrington, Cheshire, is calling on his local NHS trust not to implement the new junior doctors’ contract.

spotEU begins deporting refugees

The first European Union (EU) boats deporting refugees arrived in Turkey from Greece on 4 April. The Socialist condemns the deportations.

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Panama Papers versus workers’ wages; brokers’ binge versus self-employment poverty,

spotNHS facilities to start paying market rents

Some parts of the NHS will now have to pay market-rate rents on their facilities.

spotUber and Facebook tax dodge scandal

International taxi firm Uber is registered in a tax haven. And Facebook could spend years not paying UK corporation tax, due to £21 million of deferred tax relief.

International socialist news and analysis

spotSanders campaign: build a new party of the 99%!

The US presidential election campaign represents a turning point in the country and the struggles of the working class and all those exploited by capitalism.

spotInternational news in brief

Short stories on workers’ struggles around the world. Germany socialist conference success; Belgian socialists arrested for challenging far right.

Workplace news and analysis

spotNorthern Powerhouse or Northern poorhouse?

Save BIS Sheffield: It is clear that the attempts by this Tory government to drive a coach and horses through all the gains we have won have no bounds. Latest is the complete decimation of the civil service, which could see more than 600 government buildings close throughout the UK.

spotLand Registry workers ready to fight privatisation

At 5pm on the evening before parliament recessed for Easter, plans to consult on the proposed privatisation of Land Registry were sneakily released by George Osborne’s office.

spotWorkers and campaigners fight to save library

Unite members in the Socialist Party-led Greenwich branch defending the mobile library from closure held an open air story time on the steps of the town hall on 30 March.

spotRMT protests against new Northern Rail franchise

Socialist Party and Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition members joined members of the RMT union protesting against this at Leeds station on 1 April. Many remarked on the irony that we’d been campaigning for the franchise to be re-nationalised, but the only nationalisation the Tory government seems to approve is to other state rail operators.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Action against academies; bin workers strike; hospital caterers fight sell-off.

Socialist readers’ comments

spotHomelessness holding kids back, says teacher

As teachers, we know that if children are living in poverty and deprivation, it will adversely affect their mental health and in turn their learning. In this data-driven education system, this is one thing that can be measured.

spotStop divisive attacks on pensioners’ cash

Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation from the Department for Work and Pensions opened up another malevolent attack on pensioners.


Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Women’s wages; US Democratic primaries; Birmingham and Reading cuts budgets; dole disgrace; Blairites back bosses’ EU and erase Labour’s socialist history.


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