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The Socialist issue 909

6 July 2016

Stand firm against the Blairite coup

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The Socialist issue 909

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spotStand firm and organise against the Blairite coup

Four thousand in Liverpool, 1,000 in Manchester, 800 in Leeds, thousands in London. Across the country people have taken to the streets to show their support for Jeremy Corbyn and their anger with the 172 traitor MPs who are waging a war to try to force Jeremy Corbyn to resign. No matter to them that he was democratically elected leader by a landslide just nine months ago; they are determined to get rid of him by any means necessary.

spotDemo says: Keep Corbyn, sack the Blairites

Supporting Jeremy Corbyn, Liverpool, 2.7.16, photo Simon Worthington

spotKeep Corbyn demonstrations in Leeds

Around 250 people gathered at short notice to demonstrate their support for Jeremy Corbyn in Leeds. The demonstration was called by Momentum after discussion with the Socialist Party and others from trade unions and campaigning groups around Leeds. It showed the clear popularity of Corbyn and indeed his electability, despite what those on the right of the Parliamentary Labour Party have argued.

spotMeeting discusses how to get rid of ‘blue or red’ Tories

spotStevenage supports Corbyn

Stevenage Momentum called a meeting to support Jeremy and over 30 people turned up. For many it was their first meeting since joining the Labour Party to vote for Corbyn last year.

Join the Socialist Party

spotJoin the Socialist Party to fight for socialist change

Everywhere you look there is proof that our world is afflicted by enormous inequality – on our side there is austerity, poverty and war and on the other side for the super-rich 1% there is enormous wealth. Watching TV last night provided ample evidence of the need for change, socialist change.

spotWhy I joined: I want a future for my generation

I am from Portugal and started university in 2008, the year of the big financial crisis. Me, my friends and our entire generation felt the effects and implications of the capitalist system we live in and the failed promises it made us.

spotWhy I joined: My real education started when I joined

Only the Militant could explain to me why the Soviet Union had degenerated from its ideals of 1917. It had a programme to fight poverty around the world. Under the leadership of Militant supporters, the LPYS brought out a ‘Charter for Young Workers’ – a brilliant tool to fight for proper apprenticeships and better wages. I became a Militant supporter and a member of the Socialist Party when it was formed.

National Shop Stewards Network conference 2016

spotNSSN conference: Implacable opposition to austerity

One year ago in the self-same hall, at the 9th annual conference of the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN), the burning question was also of a referendum. It was ahead of the referendum on EU austerity in Greece, to which the Greek working class voted a resounding ‘Oxi!’ – ‘No!’ The mood was jubilant and defiant.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotAfter Chilcot: put Blair in the dock

After seven and a half years, and costing millions of pounds, the Chilcot inquiry into the Blair government’s pre-invasion, invasion and occupation of Iraq is due to be published as the Socialist goes to press.

spotOsborne plans to cut corporation tax again

George Osborne announced on 4 July that he would cut corporation tax by a quarter, bringing it from 20% down to just 15%. This new rate will be among the lowest in Europe, pushing forward Osborne’s plan to make the UK a global tax haven.

spotRough sleeper death sparks calls for action

The death of a homeless man, sleeping rough in the centre of Chatham for over a year, has brought calls for action over the spiralling housing crisis in Kent’s Medway towns.

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. We look at the super-rich and their supercars while cycle couriers suffer.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotJunior doctors renew battle over contracts

Concerned about their future and that of the National Health Service (NHS), junior doctors in England have voted by 58% to 42% to reject the terms of their proposed new working contract.

spotTeachers’ strike: Angry and defiant

spotUnite policy conference 2016: Union could place itself at the centre of anti-austerity fight

The biennial policy conference of Unite the Union in Brighton 11-15 July takes place against the backdrop of a political crisis unprecedented since 1945.

spotRMT conference takes fighting position on urgent political questions

The 2016 annual general meeting (conference) of the Rail Maritime and Transport Workers Union (RMT) took place 26-30 June against a backdrop of heightened conflict in both the industrial and political arenas.

spotBus drivers’ strikes continue for fair pay

spotManchester firefighters fight cuts

Greater Manchester Fire Authority is planning to cut 280 firefighter jobs and 26 fire engines. Fire Brigades Union (FBU) members have been protesting these plans, including a huge lobby of the fire authority meeting which approved the cuts. To make up for the loss in staff, the firefighters that remain will be forced to work longer hours.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotHundreds protest to demand votes at 16

A demonstration on 3 July started in Trafalgar Square with a gathering of around 70 marching towards Parliament to demand votes for 16 and 17 year olds. As we marched, the crowd increased and by the time we reached Parliament Square there were hundreds chanting and marching.

spotDefiant Butterfields tenants visit landlord’s house

In these times of big profits for landlords in the rental sector, it’s not uncommon for landlords to harass tenants. A letter demanding increased rent is usually enough to send the tenants packing. But not Butterfields tenants!

spotSouthampton Rallies to counter fascist threat

In response to a threat from fascist group South Coast Resistance to march under the slogan ‘Refugees not Welcome Here’, over a thousand counter demonstrators arrived at the assembly point by the Bargate in Southampton on 2 July, without a fascist in sight.

International socialist news and analysis

spotTurkey: Deadly terrorist attack at Istanbul airport

A terrorist attack, presumed to have been carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis), killed at least 43 people and injured 239 others at the Istanbul Atatürk airport on 28 June.

spotMexico: Teachers continue strike despite extreme repression

Mexican police shot dead ten people, mostly striking teachers, in the southern state of Oaxaca. In response to this brutal repression teachers have blocked highways leading to fuel and other shortages.


spotThe Socialist inbox

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