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The Socialist issue 917

21 September 2016

#KeepCorbyn: Kick out the Tories and the Blairites

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The Socialist issue 917

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What we think

spotBattle lines drawn: build a real mass party of the 99%

Editorial of the Socialist: As the Socialist goes to press, polls are closing on the Labour leadership election. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a pivotal moment for the Labour, trade union and anti-austerity movements.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotAll Greater Manchester firefighters face sack

The employment practises of Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct are being brought to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. All firefighters in Greater Manchester face the sack. One in five permanently, and the other 80% only rehired if they agree to worse contracts.

spotHinkley Point C: wasteful, dangerous and polluting

Theresa May has given the go-ahead to build the £18 billion ‘Hinkley Point C’ in Somerset, the UK’s first new nuclear power station in 20 years. But the plant is not green, not sustainable, not safe and not cost-effective.

spotNHS care rationing already rife

Rationing in the NHS is already widespread and dangerous. A recent Guardian survey found three in four doctors said they had seen care rationed.

spotBosses’ bonus billions bonanza

Between April 2015 and March 2016, bonuses in the UK climbed 4.4% to £44.3 billion. This enormous wealth was enjoyed almost solely by financial sector bosses – the very same group that triggered the disastrous economic crash in 2008.

spotProvocateur accusation against Met police spy

New allegations claim an undercover cop who infiltrated the Socialist Party may have tried to provoke a dangerous criminal act.

spotSchool sexism

Three in five young women aged 13 to 21 have faced some kind of sexual harassment at school or college in the last year. Tokenism at the top has gone together with retaining practices like sexist school and workplace dress codes.

spotZero-hour zealots: Guardian and Center Parcs

Socialist Students

spotNew Tory attacks on Higher Education – a programme to fight back

The Tory government’s HE Bill represents one of the most serious attempts at privatising universities. Raising tuition fees, creation of for-profit universities, as well as the widely criticised teaching excellence framework, are all part of making higher education part of the marketplace.

spotSocialist Students: setting out our stall…

Reports from Socialist Students activities as schools and colleges go back.

Socialist Party feature

spotAfter TUC congress 2016: Mobilise the anger!

This year’s TUC Congress came only months after the forced resignation of David Cameron following the Brexit vote, the introduction of the most oppressive anti-trade union laws in the industrial world and the continuation of austerity.

Workplace news and analysis

spotThousands of Post Office workers strike

Thousands of Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Unite members working in the Post Office took strike action on 15 September against attacks on their job security and pensions.

spotFilm review – ‘Blacklisted’

“No justice! No Peace!” rings out from a megaphone. New documentary ‘Blacklisted’ is a film about power, the organisations that wield it and the people who fought back.

spotTube strike over management bullying

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Junior doctors go to court, Ritzy Picturehouse strike announced.

International socialist news and analysis

spotLibya: imperialist intervention helped wreck country and revolution

There was nothing for the Libyan people to celebrate in the damning report by a Commons parliamentary committee into the British government’s role in the West’s contribution to overthrowing the brutal Gaddafi regime in 2011. This was an intervention which helped lead to the almost complete collapse of the country.

spot#JobstownNotGuilty trials begin

Irish state criminalises right to protest: Anti-water charges demonstrators were arrested following a peaceful sit-down protest against water charges against Irish Labour deputy premier Joan Burton. They are now facing ludicrous charges of “false imprisonment”.

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotUncovering the class struggle behind the Rebecca Riots

Non-fiction – ‘Petticoat Heroes’: This is not only a modern, class analysis of the 19th century ‘Rebecca riots’ – but also looks at the subjects of gender and culture in relation to the riots for the first time, providing fascinating interpretations alongside meticulous research.

spotIconic nightclub Fabric closes doors – another victim of austerity?

Comment – nightlife: London’s most iconic night club, Fabric, has had its licence revoked. The council claims to be taking the decision with the safety of clubbers in mind. However, just eight months ago, a judge called Fabric a “beacon of best practice”.

spotThe Socialist inbox

Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Refugee rescue, Meadow Well riots, voter preventer, boot out Blairites, greedy grammars, Usdaw Activist.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spot#KeepCorbyn campaign reports

Some of the mass rallies and meetings backing Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader.

spot“I’ve had enough – it’s time to fight back”

Why I joined the Socialist Party: As a public sector worker, a social housing tenant and someone looking towards the last ten years of their working life, I fear this Tory government and what plans they have. It’s time to fight back.

spotFightback is on to save NHS heart services

Children’s heart surgery is to end at three hospitals around the country if NHS England gets its way.

spotTamil Solidarity demands refugee rights

spotSheffield mental health services to lose council funding

Mental Health Action Group Sheffield faces its £10,500 a year funding from the Labour council ending in 2017. The day centre is used by 20 to 30 people every weekday, providing meals, activities and trips.

spotDisgraceful decision to close vital Bradford day centre

Edmund Street day centre in Bradford is due to close. This is a disgraceful situation. The probation service, social services and the NHS have often made referrals there – it is literally keeping people alive at times.


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