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The Socialist issue 920

12 October 2016

Housing crisis can be beaten

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The Socialist issue 920

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Housing crisis

spotButterfields victory: housing crisis can be beaten

When we organise and fight back, we can win. That’s the lesson of the Butterfields Won’t Budge campaign.

spotTories’ £5bn for housing not enough

The Tory party conference made its play for our support by appearing to announce £5 billion for a mass house building programme. They gleefully pledged they will be the party to alleviate the huge burden of crippling housing costs on working people.

What we think

spotTories whip up division over Brexit…fight for a socialist, internationalist exit

What we think: Three months ago the Tories and British capitalism suffered a massive defeat. Similar to the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, the Brexit vote was a democratic uprising – a rejection by millions of working class people of the establishment. It dealt a huge blow to European capitalism into the bargain.

spotWhere next for the BMA junior doctors’ dispute

Having called off the strike action and lost the court case, many will be wondering if it’s all over for the junior doctors. Will they now be forced onto the new contracts with all that entails for their pay, working lives and the threat to NHS services?

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotSay no to fracking!

Tories undemocratically overrule council: Tory government minister Sajid Javid has given permission for energy company Caudrilla to drill four wells to frack for gas at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton in Lancashire.

spotSupport the Rotherham 12

Twelve Asian men are in court on charges relating to an incident during a far-right demonstration in 2015

spotSuicidal phone calls: fight to reverse tax credit cuts

Concentrix, a private US firm used by HM Revenue and Customs to cut tax credit payments, has been receiving suicidal calls from claimants – as a result of losing their payments thrusting them deeper into poverty.

Black History Month

spotMalcolm X: hero of black liberation

Reader’s comment: After reading ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’ I am left in awe. This book is essential reading for the black activist and any socialist. Never have I read words more radicalising, or that have changed my perception of the world around me so much.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotUnion library campaign strikes blow against Bromley Tories

Unite the Union members are celebrating another victory against the privatisation plans of the vicious Tories who run Bromley Council. The council had plans to hand eight libraries over to charities to run with volunteers only.

spotBin workers’ strike – “about more than just pay”

Sheffield bin workers took a one-day strike on 5 October, fighting for a better pay rise

spotAMEY = A Massive Empty Yard

“A Massive Empty Yard” was how one electrician described the effect of the GMB strike at the Amey depot

spotRitzy strikers walk-out and rally

Ritzy strikers followed their picket line on 7 October with a rally outside the British Film (BFI) Institute festival and march to Leicester Square

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles including the latest Southern Rail strike and a Unite the Union day of action against William Hill pay cuts.

International socialist news and analysis

spotPoland: Mass movement stops total ban on abortion

Women demand a real choice: On 6 October women in Poland won a crucial victory as proposed legislation to impose a near-total ban on abortion was overwhelmingly defeated, writes Tessa Warrington and Paul Newbury.

spotSouth Africa: The battle for free education

University students have resumed their battle from last year against tuition fees hikes and for free education. In doing so, they have taken on South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) political establishment. Workers and Socialist Party (Wasp, CWI South Africa) activists explain what’s at stake.

spotShimon Peres – a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Most mainstream media obituaries described Shimon Peres, the recently deceased former president of Israel, as a ‘peacemaker statesman’ who constrained the settlerist, nationalist policy of prime minister Netanyahu’s rule. In reality, Peres was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotLambeth working class demo against cuts and gentrification

Working class campaigners glitter-bombed council steps and marched against Blairite gentrification and austerity in Lambeth, south London, on 8 October.

spotAppeal: Don’t let the banks wreck our finances!

HSBC shut down the main Yorkshire Socialist Party membership subs account on 12 September without notice and without telling any of the signatories! We only found out the account was shut when members contacted us asking why their subs had been paid back into their account!

spotMomentum should show Blairites the door, not Socialist Party members!

The Socialist Party sold the Socialist and leafleted outside a Momentum (or Welsh Labour Grassroots as they’re known in Wales) meeting in Swansea Council chambers on 8 October.

spotLobby to keep vital day centre funding

Sheffield Mental Health Action Group faces withdrawal of its council funding

spotBradford day centre campaigners meet to fight closure

“This is about the council trying to move the poor out of the city centre to create an image of prosperity and recovery in Bradford. But it’s an illusion, the council are trying to make us believe that poverty doesn’t exist here”.

spotFight to save care homes in Carlisle

Cumbria County Council is planning to close three care homes and replace them with another building which only has 60 beds instead of the current 117. Another four homes will be closed in West Cumbria. Only those suffering from dementia and the most complex needs will get a place. But what about respite care? What about family carers?

spotCable Street 80th anniversary demo

The Socialist Party joined thousands of others at the Battle of Cable Street 80th anniversary commemorative march and rally on 9 October in east London, selling over 50 copies of the Socialist paper.

Health and social care attacks

spotAttack on young people’s health and social care: urgent fightback needed

Youth mental health crisis: unions must strike to fight cuts: Record numbers of children are ringing helpline Childline with suicidal thoughts.

The Socialist inbox

spotThe Socialist inbox

Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Liverpool FC and the fight against racism; Guardian’s hypocrisy over Corbyn.


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