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The Socialist issue 926

23 November 2016

Fight austerity

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The Socialist issue 926

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotCash for rich and royals, cuts for the 99%

The Tories’ Autumn Statement can find money to give tax breaks to corporations, while ensuring our billionaire queen retains a life of extreme luxury. So why can’t it find money to invest in secure jobs, our chronically underfunded NHS, or the desperate housing situation?

spotTories drop ‘pay to stay’

In a humiliating and massive u-turn, the Tory government has dropped plans to introduce ‘pay to stay’ as part of its Housing Act.

spotTories plan pain with Brexit Autumn Statement

Fight the cuts, fight for a socialist Brexit: The Tories have used fears around Brexit to lower expectations for Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement.

spot£3.5bn on temporary housing for councils

Councils have spent a disgraceful £3.5 billion in the last five years keeping homeless vulnerable families in temporary accommodation. They should spend the cash building homes!

spot‘Just about managing’: £2,500 worse off by 2020

As profits for Tory toffs steadily climb, low-income working families will be left £2,543 worse off by 2020. Lift the benefit cap!

spotJob figures mask casualisation

For real jobs, not ‘gig economy’: Unemployment levels are at their lowest for eleven years. However, when you scrape below the surface of the headlines, then for ordinary people there is little to celebrate.

spotWhat We Saw

Socialists in the media! Discussing internships, Trump and the campaign to readmit expelled socialists to Labour – on Sky News, RT, the Sunday Politics and LBC radio.

What we think

spotThe Socialist Party and support for the Corbyn movement

Editorial of the Socialist, issue 926: Socialist Party members have received widespread support from trade unionists, anti-cuts activists and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn both inside and outside the Labour Party for our calls for democratising Labour. Unsurprisingly our positions and proposals are regularly attacked by Labour’s right wing. Here, in brief, we set the record straight on six distortions.

Socialist Students

spotFight back to save education!

Up to 15,000 students, education workers and trade unionists marched through London on the 19 November. But this must only be the start.

spotCampaigning Socialist Students groups needed to hold student unions to account

Local student unions failed to properly organise and mobilise for the national education demonstration on 19 November.

N30 strike: five years on

spotLessons of the ‘N30’ 2011 pension strike: when workers showed their power

The fifth anniversary of the public sector pension strike on 30 November 2011 allows an opportunity to reflect on the most significant and defining trade union struggle of the recent period. A struggle which exposed right-wing union leaders for being incapable or unwilling to come to terms with what austerity meant, and the necessity for sustained, coordinated action to resist it.

International socialist news and analysis

spotUSA: mass protests break out to #ResistTrump

Donald Trump’s shocking victory was met with a mixture of anger, confusion, and very real fear among ordinary people in the US and around the world. But the election of one of the most right-wing presidents in US history was also met immediately by determined mass protests.

spotIreland: repeal the 8th Amendment – fight for abortion rights

The Irish government has refused to give a second reading to a bill for a repeal referendum on restrictions to women’s abortion rights. There has been a clear development of a pro-choice sentiment within society. This shows the need to develop the struggle outside parliament.

spotSpain: Students’ Union surges forward in historic congress

300 young revolutionaries from 26 cities throughout the Spanish state – along with dozens of trade unionists and working class militants – met in Madrid. The congress displayed a vibrant organisation whose forward march already has Spain’s new, illegitimate PP government on the ropes.

spotHundreds rally to celebrate anniversary of Students’ Union and Izquierda Revolucionaria

A joint recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of Spain’s Students’ Union, and the 40th anniversary of Izquierda Revolucionaria, the revolutionary Marxist organisation which formed the union and continues to lead it.

spotUN climate change summit: more hot air from Marrakech

Trump’s opposition to the already-insufficient Paris Agreement will allow other major polluters like China even more room to ignore it.

Workplace news and analysis

spot“I don’t always feel that I’m a carer anymore” – a day in the life

I love my job, but things have changed. The home where I am now employed is run by a private company which appears to put profit before the safety and well-being of both staff and residents.

spotSouthern Rail Strike

RMT members who are conductors on Southern Rail have taken part in the 16th and 17th day of strike action to defend the safety-critical role of the conductor.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotReselection motion passed at Labour Party branch

What we heard: Chingford Labour Party has passed a motion supporting mandatory reselection of Labour Party parliamentary candidates.

spotPacked-out Socialist Party meetings hear American socialist and Black Lives Matter activist

“Within hours of Donald Trump winning the US election we were able to get 40,000 people on the streets and put socialist ideas out there, at the time when we had the biggest audience”, said Darletta Scruggs when talking to over 60 people, mostly from the local black community.

spotSchool talk on the struggle for the vote and its importance today

“I would like to vote, because I want a say in how my life is run and I know more than many who do!” This was one of the responses when I asked a room of 12-year-olds if they would like the right to vote.

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Poetry, Bill Graham obituary, queen, Trump and Hunt.

spot“I can’t stop thinking about Socialism 2016 – it was truly brilliant”

Why I joined the Socialist Party: I can’t stop thinking about Socialism 2016. It was the first time I attended and I was so impressed with the passion, strategy, knowledge and awareness of people’s situations which was expressed by all the speakers and the response from members.

spotSocialism 2016: what you thought

Attendees comment on the weekend’s highlights, and on why they joined the Socialist Party.


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