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The Socialist issue 956

12 July 2017

This bosses' government must go

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The Socialist issue 956

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What we think

spotThis bosses’ government must go

No compromise with Tories or Blairites: Fight for mandatory reselection now, organise and strike for Corbyn’s anti-austerity policies

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotGrenfell stitch-up: unions should call independent inquiry

Survivors of the fire are still homeless, and blocks around the country are unsafe

spotG20 betrays refugees created by its own policies

This year is on course to become the deadliest on record for refugees crossing the Mediterranean – and the G20 has done nothing

Socialist Party feature

spotStriking Barts health workers show ‘fighting trade unionism’

“We want a famous victory for the east London working class!” declared Unite branch secretary and Socialist Party member Len Hockey

Workplace news and analysis

spotVote for action to save Ford plant

Ballot papers go out at the end of this week to Bridgend Ford workers

spotLow-paid cabin crew protest during 16-day stoppage

In a vengeful act, BA imposed sanctions on strikers: removing bonus payments and staff travel concessions

spotWales: DWP announces office closures and job losses

Civil service union PCS has reacted with anger to the announcement that the Department for Work and Pensions intends to close and merge jobcentres across the country resulting in 750 job losses

spotBMA doctor’s union in shift to left at conference

This year’s annual representatives meeting, the conference of the BMA doctors’ union, saw some of the most left wing policy agreed by the BMA so far

spotStrike against driver-only operated trains continues

Continued coordinated action against driver-only operation on three rail networks has continued, with strikes on Merseyrail, Northern and Southern starting on 8 July

spotDurham TAs reject council’s pay offer

Durham teaching assistants in education unions Unison and the ATL have voted to reject the latest divisive offer from Durham council

Socialist Party feature

spotThe left unions and the Labour Party affiliation debate

A political voice for workers: We must urgently build on Jeremy Corbyn’s election campaign to really transform Labour – does that mean the non-affiliated left unions should now affiliate?

Socialist history

spotJuly Days 1917: battles with counterrevolution

Massive demonstrations involving nearly a million people erupted in Petrograd on 2-3 July 1917, in a colossal outburst of anger and discontent

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotLots of discussions at the Miners Gala on the way forward

Crowds of up to 250,000 flocked to a sun-soaked Durham for the 133rd Durham Miners Gala

spotThe Socialist spring offensive

Sales of the Socialist hit a six-year high this spring thanks to the tireless work of Socialist Party members and supporters during the recent general election

spotSouthampton Labour must reverse council cuts

The new funding formula threatens to cut a further £3 billion from school budgets – in Southampton, that would mean losing over 350 teachers

spotWaltham Forest – fighting school cuts

A joint meeting of workplace union reps was held on 4 July to discuss a strategy to fight school cuts in Labour-run Waltham Forest, London

spotFighting corporate takeover at London Pride

“Build a fighting socialist movement for LGBT+ rights!”

spotChingford: Corbyn attacks pay freeze during tour

Save our NHS

spotHuddersfield parties in the park to save hospital A&E

The second annual Hands Off Huddersfield Royal Infirmary ‘Party in the Park’ attracted thousands to Greenhead Park in opposition to the hospital’s A&E closure

spotSave Glenfield heart centre

spotLeeds campaigns to save NHS on its 69th birthday

Leeds Keep Our NHS Public and its supporters gathered outside the Leeds General Infirmary on 5 July and later outside St James University Hospital to celebrate the NHS’s 69th birthday

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotSchool students’ remarkable tribute to workers’ Spanish Civil War bravery

Theatre review – Ocho: The story told of bravery and the cast itself showed a brave approach to the work

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Scrap the pay cap; keep guards on trains; responses to the 1 July anti-Tory demo, Homeland’s poor politics; sickness stats; Poland and Trotskyism


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