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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Socialist issue 960

30 August 2017

McStrike against low pay

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The Socialist issue 960

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotMcStrike against low pay

“I have experienced first-hand the insecurity of zero-hour contracts, low pay and abuse by the management, to both me and my fellow workmates”

spotSchool spend is behind eastern Europe

UK education spending is behind many eastern European countries, according to EU figures

spotMay’s lies about foreign students exposed

One of Theresa May’s racist immigration myths has been exposed

spotLandlord licensing under threat – fight back

Newham’s private housing sector is notorious for illegal conversions, overcrowding, unsafe wiring, atrocious fire safety, damp, poor heating and infestation

spotCorbyn confirms £1bn for the arts

Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed his May pledge to inject £1 billion into the arts

What we think

spotReject Starmer’s Single Market u-turn

What we think: This is a mistake which only weakens the positon of Corbyn and the left within the Labour Party and their standing among the working class in general

Workplace news and analysis

spotBarts health workers’ strike: pay up Serco!

At time of writing, talks are taking place in the boldly fought Barts NHS strike against greedy private company employer Serco

spotFord workers vote for action – the fight is on

spotBT attack on pension benefits

For the second time in nine years BT is seeking to attack the pension benefits of its workers

spotBron Afon housing workers step up strike

Support workers at Bron Afon Community Housing in Cwmbran, south Wales, have begun their second five-day strike in as many weeks

spotUnite takes legal action against Argos

Unite has announced legal action against Argos for employing strike-breakers

International socialist news and analysis

spotChina: debt crisis, state repression and the prospects for workers’ struggle

The ideas of Trotsky’s ‘permanent revolution’ are more applicable in China today in the struggle to transform what is a unique form of state-capitalist dictatorship

spotHong Kong: mass demonstration against repression

Uup to 140,000 people poured onto Hong Kong’s streets in the biggest anti-government protest since the 2014 ‘umbrella movement’

spotWhere is Scotland going?

Fight for socialist change: The dramatic rise of the SNP has been thrown into a sharp reverse recently

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotChatsworth workers and patients fight to save ward

“We will not stop until we have ripped this decision apart!” Chatsworth ward in Mansfield is a vital facility for some of the most vulnerable members of our society – this is where we as staff members come in!

spotCampaigners fight second Yorkshire Women’s Aid closure in two years

‘Women’s Lives Matter’ campaigners took to the streets of Doncaster to defend the last Women’s Aid in south Yorkshire

spotCommunity and artists campaign to save Todmorden College

The town of Todmorden has had a community college since the 1950s – now slated for closure

spotOrgreave campaign calls Halloween rally

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign has called a ‘Death of Justice Rally’ to mark the one-year anniversary of the Tories’decision not to hold any inquiry into the Battle of Orgreave

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotShould you be furious about ‘furious cycling’?

Rather than allowing the press to whip up division between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, we should be united in demanding urgent transport investment

spotCatchy folk rock with a socialist edge

Music review: ‘Another Day’ stands in the best tradition of British radical folk music

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors


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