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The Socialist issue 973

29 November 2017

Make the Tories history

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The Socialist issue 973

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What we think

spotAfter the budget – unions must launch pay fight

Millions of public sector workers will be vainly sifting through Hammond’s budget for details of any pay rises. The reality is that most will be looking down the barrel at a full decade of Tory pay caps

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotMake the Tories history

Historic fall in living standards: working class people are already forced to borrow just to make ends meet

spotTory housing policy: build zilch, hike prices

We say: cap private rents and build council homes now: Closer inspection shows Hammond’s housing initiatives don’t amount to a hill of beans

spotThem & us

Uni boss’s raise v our lost wages; no tax for Cadbury’s and food price hikes for us; model’s mansion v fines for homeless

Socialist Students

spotSocialist Students day of action demands free education

London: Across England and Wales students took part in the education shutdown day of action to fight for free education on 22 November coinciding with the Tories’ budget


spotWe’re fighting for the right to live and work in Britain

Interview: Refugee Rights Campaign: Tamil asylum seekers have formed the Refugee Rights Campaign to fight for their rights

Workplace news and analysis

spotBirmingham bin workers win!

Now prepare for the next battle: The Socialist Party salutes the marvellous campaign of Birmingham’s bin workers. The scale of this victory, after 12 weeks of action, can’t be underestimated

spotNorth West: drivers and housing workers escalate strike wave

spotKirklees bin workers ballot for strike over schedule and bullying

On top of the additional days over Christmas, workers report managers are refusing holiday requests – and bullying, swearing at, and treating them “like children”

spotBrighton Uni lecturers strike against job cuts

A lunchtime walkout preceded a full day of action, after a magnificent 85% vote in favour of striking against forced redundancies

spotDWP to outsource more work to Capita

The decision to outsource new benefits claims to Capita will be disastrous

spotPCS union says no to pay misery

Other public sector unions are considering their position, with a number proposing to hold similar consultative ballots. This is to be welcomed – and they need to get on with it


spotSave Glenfield Children’s Heart Centre! Save our NHS!

A grassroots movement is continuing to build up against the grievous bodily harm being committed against the NHS by the Tory government

spot‘Hands around HRI’ to save Huddersfield A&E

Fighting ‘closure by stealth’: The campaign to save Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, Hands Off HRI, has called a protest on 2 December in solidarity with staff and patients

spotTyneside to protest against A&E and walk-in cuts

Two NHS walk-in centres, and night-time A&E services at North Tyneside General Hospital, face closure

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotBristol libraries safe – for now – as council caves to pressure

This follows growing pressure from below in the Labour Party. The cracks are beginning to show in the council’s assertion that it has no choice

spotOsborne evades Carlisle socialists

spotNew ebook: Liverpool A City That Dared To Fight


spotAmber warning lights flash on British economy

For workers, young people, the disabled and the unemployed, the lost decade since 2007 has been the equivalent of a Mark II Great Depression


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