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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Socialist issue 975

13 December 2017

Save our NHS

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The Socialist issue 975

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spotBrexit deal no solution to Tory rifts

No divorce bill to subsidise capitalist elites of Europe: For a while it looked like Theresa May might be about to crash out of office, as her fractured, divided party, propped up in government by the DUP, seemed unable even to reach agreement on a deal on the ‘first stage’ of Brexit negotiations

spotLabour ‘purge’ furore really just democracy

International socialist news and analysis

spotA world in crisis, ripe for revolution

Committee for a Workers’ International document: The world crisis of capitalism – despite the surface impression of ‘recovery’ – has only got worse since the meeting of last year’s IEC.

spotTrump’s incendiary Jerusalem statement reignites Israeli-Palestinian conflict

spot110 years ago: massacre at Santa Maria school in Chile – commemorate 21 December 1907

This year marks the centenary of the Russian revolution when the working class took power in October. It is also the 110-year anniversary of a historical and bloody struggle of workers that is less well-known.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotSave our NHS

Underfunded, understaffed, under attack: It’s the NHS workers and patients who bear the brunt of the inevitable winter pressures – combined with underfunding, understaffing, low pay and low morale.

spotTwo in five ‘right to buy’ homes now for let

spotRetail sector crunch: nationalise to save jobs

Toys R Us plans to close a third of its stores. Asda wants to downgrade hundreds of shopfloor supervisors. Britain’s largest tobacco distributor Palmer & Harvey has gone into administration.

spotUni market ‘failure’, two-year degrees – end cuts, scrap fees!

Less than a third of higher education students think their course offers value for money according to the National Audit Office. Its chief says universities would be accused of “mis-selling” if they were banks. This comes as no surprise!

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us including live reindeer and lumps of coal.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotLocal government pay: fight for the 5% claim, fully funded

Over a million council and school workers have been waiting to see if there would be any relief from their constant falling living standards

spotStrikers rally in Liverpool

spotUnite day of action against blacklisting

Hundreds of construction workers took part in the national day of action against blacklisting on 6 December called by Unite the Union

spotBrighton victory

spotAnti-DOO lobby of Liverpool’s transport committee

A lobby gathered at the Cunard Buildings, Mann Island, ahead of a meeting of Liverpool’s Transport Committee

spotTeachers strike in Sheffield

Members of the National Education Union (NEU) went on strike today (6.12.17) at Westways primary school in Sheffield

spotNewham anti-academies strikes

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotTory plan to hold dinner at coal mining museum defeated

Local residents and ex-mining families were outraged when news came through that Dewsbury Conservative Association was intending to have their annual dinner at the National Coal Mining Museum at the former Caphouse colliery in Overton near Wakefield.

spotTotnes MP uses coffin controversy to distract from brutal NHS cuts

spotSouth London health bosses’ cover-up

The six south west London CCGs – statutory NHS bodies responsible for the planning and paying for healthcare services for their local area – recently held a joint meeting.

spotMovement growing against fracking giant Ineos

The movement against fracking is growing across north Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and north Nottinghamshire.

spotSix months on – still no justice for Grenfell

Dozens of families that survived the fire at Grenfell Tower face Christmas in hotels and only a small number have been permanently rehoused. A hundred protesters gathered outside Kensington Town Hall to demand action from the council on 6 December.

spotBradford campaign to save children’s services launched

A good start was made to the campaign to save council-run children’s services in Bradford at a public meeting on 5 December, with representation from service users, trade unionists and community campaigners

spotTamil Solidarity and Refugee Rights activists meeting

Christmas Quiz

spotThe Socialist’s 2017 quiz

How attentive to the news have readers of the Socialist been in 2017? Here’s the test as drawn up by the paper’s editors in this year’s quiz


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