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The Socialist issue 1007

29 August 2018

NHS: Mass fightback is needed

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The Socialist issue 1007

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What we think

spotCapitalism is a chaotic, irrational system – we need socialist change

International socialist news and analysis

spotTrump ally prosecutions

Trump and his government are facing a fresh crisis. First his election campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was found guilty of financial crimes including tax and bank fraud. Then his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to breaking election campaign funding laws.

spotVenezuela: How can reaction and imperialism be defeated?

The recent attempted assassination of Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has once again focussed attention on the deepening economic, social and political crisis in the country.

spotChina: Solidarity with Jasic Technology workers

Since 18 July, workers at Jasic Technology – a factory in Shenzhen employing 1,000 workers making machines and robots – have been campaigning to set up a democratic, independent, trade union.


spotWorking families £50 a week short of paying for kids

Feed your child or heat the house; buy a school uniform or pay the electricity bill – these are the kinds of impossible choices faced by more and more working parents every day

spotNationalise the energy giants to combat global warming

The oldest, thickest, most frozen sea ice in the arctic, to the north of Greenland, remains frozen all year. But this year it has broken away – twice! This has never been seen before.

spotThem & us

News in brief including John McCain, Wonga and sardine flats


spotRestaurant tips walkout: “Hold the burgers, hold the fries, TGI are telling lies”

Restaurant chain TGI Fridays has cut staff tips. When you tip using card at TGI, 40% of what would normally go to waiting staff now goes to kitchen workers.

spotSunderland: Resolute Liebherr workers in pay strike

Liebherr strikers on their Sunderland picket line on 24 August were resolute. Talking about the importance of their picket line one of the strikers commented: “Even if it’s thunder and lightning, we’ll be standing here.”

spotMerseyside fire authority forced to postpone night closures

The Labour-controlled Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority planned to close four stations in Merseyside during nighttimes. But they have now backed down on the closure of two.

spotNorthern Rail guards continue fight against driver-only operation

Train guards in Newcastle, members of the RMT union, are participating in the ongoing battle against driver-only operation.

spotEast Dunbartonshire council workers back further strikes

Unison, GMB and Unite members in East Dunbartonshire council took four days of coordinated strike action at the end of June against the Tory and Lib Dem administration’s cuts programme – including a major assault on workers’ terms and conditions.

Youth and students

spotExam factories, cuts and violence – Fight for our future!

On 23 August, this year’s GCSE students faced the dreaded ‘results day’ – luckily for me it’s not until 2019. But with every passing day you grow a little more scared of that looming event.

CWI School 2018

spotThe ongoing capitalist crisis and the struggle for a socialist world

Each year, the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) – the international organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated – hosts a summer school bringing together its members based throughout Europe and the world. Here, we carry a report written by Kevin Parslow, outlining the opening discussion on the worldwide crisis of capitalism and the development of the workers’ and socialist movement internationally

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotNHS: Mass fightback is needed

NHS services are showing the strain of cuts, privatisation and insufficient funding.

spotBattle growing against Loch Lomond area big business sell-off

A major battle has broken out over the £30 million privatisation of land in Loch Lomond, West Dunbartonshire in Scotland, which has given rise to fresh resistance against the for-profit model of big business.

spotLeicester lobby calls for consultation on NHS closure plans

Leicester City Council’s health scrutiny commission meeting was met by a lobby of up to 60 demonstrators on 23 August, concerned about proposals that could lead to the loss of acute services from Leicester General Hospital without a public consultation.

spotSocialist sales success in Cardiff

The Socialist sales drive we launched to mark the 1000th issue of the paper smashed through the target we set ourselves of 1,000 extra sales. We want to build on the success of this campaign by launching a new sales drive for issue 1011 at the end of September. Beth Webster, of Cardiff West Socialist Party, reports on success selling the Socialist in her branch

spotEDL sent packing in Worcester

In mid-July the far-right English Defence League (EDL) announced its plan to come to Worcester on 21 July.

spotHuddersfield Socialist Party organise counter-protest against EDL

As the capitalist media focuses on the release of far-right leader Tommy Robinson, who is awaiting a retrial, we have seen an increase in action taken by far-right groups.

spotFracking companies backed by government and courts

A lot has happened on the fracking front in recent months. Notably, fracking companies Cuadrilla and Ineos have been awarded High Court injunctions which, in effect, restrict many forms of legitimate protest.

spotLeeds protest against NHS treatment cuts

Campaigners from local groups involved in Health Campaigns Together gathered on 22 August to protest outside Leeds Town Hall, where a consultation on plans to remove 17 treatments from the NHS was being held.

1918 police strikes

spot100 years since police went on strike: “never nearer to Bolshevism”

On a number of occasions, the ruling class in Britain has trembled with fear when faced with mass struggles of workers which could threaten their rule. Such movements as the 1984-85 miners strike and the 1926 general strike brought clashes between striking workers and the powers of the capitalist state.


spotThe Socialist Inbox

Letters to the Socialist’s editors including Blairite liars and sell outs.


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