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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Socialist issue 1012

3 October 2018

Zombie Tory government: general election now

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The Socialist issue 1012

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Labour Party conference

spotLabour conference shows: Blairites must be ousted

Editorial of the Socialist, issue 1012: If the popular policies put forward at Labour Party conference are to be enacted, it will entail struggle

spotSocialist Party campaigns against the Blairites at Labour conference

We got a very friendly response from the majority of delegates

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spot‘Tories must go’ demonstration in Birmingham

On the eve of the Tory party conference in Birmingham, people gathered in Victoria Square to protest Tory and Blairite austerity, say enough is enough, and demand an urgent snap election

spotAnti-fracking protesters jailed

Three anti-fracking activists became the first environmental protesters to be imprisoned since 1932

spotSave Wirral NHS walk-in centres

Only months since Eastham NHS walk-in centre was restored to full opening hours after the tremendous successful local campaign against the previous threat to close it, five centres across the Wirral face closure under new plans

spotMore party than protest, but great response to socialist ideas at Leicester Pride

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotZombie Tory government: general election now

Tory conference was a picture of a party in crisis. Rows and rows of empty seats highlighted the dire state of what was once the most successful capitalist party in the world

spotBlood transfusion scandal

Over 25,000 people have been infected with contaminated blood products the NHS bought from profit-making pharmaceutical companies. Nearly 3,000 have died so far

spotShocking new data on declining life expectancy

Life expectancy has stalled in England. However, for the first time in 35 years, babies born in Scotland and Wales will live shorter lives

spotNHS pay discrimination – militant union action can achieve fair pay for all

The recent report on the pay gap between black and white NHS medical workers also highlighted the appalling disparity when it came to pay across all NHS occupational groups

spotMaximus profitus: disabillity profiteering scandal

While extracting huge profit from disabled-worker employer Remploy, Maximus made a further 100 employees redundant

spotTory Brexit Blues festival

The Tories are planning a ‘Festival of Brexit Britain’ in 2022

Workplace news and analysis

spotCatering and courier workers strike together

“I work for the pub chain Wetherspoon where it’s possible to work 6am-3pm one day and 3pm-12am the next – with only sporadic days off”

spotCoordinated catering and courier strikes

Strike together to bring down the Tories! Coordinated strikes on Thursday 4 October mark a massive step up in the battle to unionise workers in fast food and hospitality

spotYork NHS workers strike against privatisation

Pickets made their voices heard on the first day of strike action against York Hospital transferring ancillary staff into a ‘wholly owned subsidiary’

spotTube workers walk out

“It’s about agreements that we’ve had in place for years – 20 or 30 years – that management are not abiding by”

spot1,000 head teachers march on parliament

Head teachers are starting to take up the methods of struggle of the workers’ movement

spotCamden – Unison members in pay fight

Socialist Party feature

spotIs this generation socialist?

Ideas to change the world: It is the crisis of capitalism, and its increased inability to offer young people a fulfilling future, that is driving the search for an alternative

International socialist news and analysis

spotUSA: crisis follows Supreme Court justice nomination

Build a mass movement to stop the Republicans: Even before Kavanaugh’s alleged history of sexual assault was revealed, he was a serious threat to women’s rights

spotIndonesia tsunami – a disaster compounded by capitalism

This horrific catastrophe also poses urgent questions over the failure of the Indonesian authorities to warn the population, and not to have a disaster relief plan in place

Socialist Students

spotEnthusiasm for Socialist ideas at the freshers fairs

Socialist Students societies have been taking part in this year’s freshers fairs – meeting students eager to get involved in campaigning and political discussion


spotThe Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists: one-man show’s new take on lively socialist classic

Theatre: We interview socialist theatre company Townsend Productions about a brand new version of The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Nationalisation; Trotsky crosswords; pensioners’ homes; driver-only operation; Labour affiliation


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