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The Socialist issue 984

28 February 2018

Workers strike back!

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The Socialist issue 984

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What we think

spotCorbyn’s customs union dividing line: now stand firm for pro-worker Brexit

Editorial of the Socialist: In essence, Corbyn sought to oppose the present pro-capitalist EU Customs Union with the idea of one that would be in the interests of working people

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotSave Our Square occupation: “This land is our land!”

Hundreds signed up to join the Save Our Square campaign in Waltham Forest, east London, on the day

spotThree major West Wales hospitals could close

Corbyn and unions must fight Labour right: Until now, Welsh Labour has denied there is a crisis in the Welsh NHS

spotCorbyn didn’t collaborate with Stalinism – but with Trotskyists against it

Sun ‘commie spy’ smear: Jeremy Corbyn stands accused of collaborating with Czechoslovak Stalinism – but his backing of a Trotskyist call for workers’ democracy shows the opposite

spotStormzy is right to slam Tories for Grenfell

For an independent working class inquiry: Stormzy reminded the world that what happened wasn’t just a freak accident – it was a predicted consequence of profiteering

spotKFC delivery crisis: make the bosses pay, not the workers!

The headlines make light of the frustrations of regulars missing out on fried chicken – but there is a serious side for workers

International Women’s Day

spotResist the Tory war on women

International Women’s Day – 8 March 2018: We fight for a world free of inequality and sexism

Workplace news and analysis

spotWorkers strike back!

Coordinate the struggles: Faced with a fresh series of attacks from the Tories and their friends in big business, workers are striking back up and down the country

spotLecturers strike around country in defence of pensions

spotUniversity bosses rocked – strikes can save staff pensions!

“University chiefs split as strikes cause chaos” read the front page of the Times – after just two days of our planned 14-day strike programme!

spotUnite victory in EDF meter workers’ union recognition fight

The successful battle for the trade union recognition of EDF Energy workers transferred to Morrison Data Services has been hailed as a key victory by general union Unite


spotCorbynism shows ‘Clause IV’ still relevant a hundred years on

A reestablishment of a version of the lost “socialist clause” in Labour’s constitution would help the process of transformation, if it was a serious programme rather than an empty symbol

Socialist Students

spotSocialist Students conference highlights successful work

Over 100 students attended the annual Socialist Students conference, which highlighted the successes of Socialist Students’ work and the growth in the popularity of socialist ideas

spot200 years of Marxism meeting

How relevant Marx’s ideas are in 2018 – 200 years after he was born and 170 years since the publication of the Communist Manifesto

International socialist news and analysis

spotUnited States: young people demand change after latest mass shooting

Parkland school massacre: Socialists support some limitations on access to guns as a public health measure. However, this will clearly not solve the problems of poverty, inequality and alienation that underlie violence

Socialist Party campaigns

spot‘Anti-austerity’ Bristol Labour passes £34 million cuts budget

A legal no-cuts budget has even been urged on the mayor by the elected bodies of his own party – yet he still parrots lies about ‘illegality’ and claims to be powerless in the face of cuts

spotNewham: teaching workers and parents determined to halt academies

The mood at the rally against academisation was electric as 90 people from three striking schools crammed in after being on the picket lines

spotBuilding fund appeal: Behind the scenes at the Socialist Party office

Why do we need a national centre? Let me take you on a tour of the Socialist Party office

spotMary Jackson: funeral and memorial meeting

150 people attended Mary’s funeral, including a delegation from transport union RMT, reflecting the enormous love and respect she was held in by family, friends and comrades

spotUnion-led campaign beats Blairite attacks on homeless

We shamed the council into withdrawing the attack – which apparently were all ‘just a mistake’ anyway – but they should be ashamed

spotBelper hospital threatened

Campaigners to save threatened Babington Hospital protested on 23 February at an NHS clinical commissioning group meeting in Derby

spotSelling the Socialist in Stoke

People are amazingly generous, especially when you consider Stoke is an area where the manufacturing industry has been destroyed over the last 30 years, first the pits, then the pottery and steel industry


spotWhat’s behind the surge in eating disorders?

Many will have been shocked by recent NHS figures showing the doubling over the last six years of hospitalisations due to life-threatening eating disorders

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Blairite councillors attack homeless; universal credit protest; tide is turning on anti-cuts fights

spotSocialist anti-war exhibition opens in Kingston

Socialist artist Peter Robson’s exhibition ‘Unobtania’ comes to south London this month, examining the horrors of the wars waged to defend the bosses’ profit system


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