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The Socialist issue 1024

9 January 2019

Tories out. End austerity. Mass working class action for a general election.

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The Socialist issue 1024

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What we think

spotBrexit vote round two: Corbyn must fight for a socialist alternative to the Tory deal and bosses’ EU

Parliament reconvened after the Christmas break with no let-up in the government’s crisis over the coming Brexit vote. Theresa May’s deal with the EU is still opposed by most MPs, most members of the Tory party and most people across the entire country.


spotTories Out. End austerity. Mass working-class action for a general election

Few things sum up the complete disarray of this Tory government like the ‘Brexit ferries’debacle.

spot‘Fat Cat Friday’ shows where all the money’s gone

I hadn’t even received my first paycheque of the new year when the average chief executive of a FTSE 100 company had already ‘earned’ more than my entire annual salary – in less than three days!

spotJavid’s migrant ’emergency’

Home Secretary Sajid Javid declared the rising numbers of migrants attempting to cross the Channel in small boats an “emergency” over Christmas. He held a conference call with officials from the Border Force, Immigration Enforcement, and National Crime Agency.

spotDeath in a doorway: struggle can end homelessness

Joby Sparrey died on Christmas Day in the doorway of a shop in Malvern, Worcestershire. Brays is a long-established shop with large doorways so he was probably able to stretch out to sleep.

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us including millionaire Miliband and the Queen’s golden piano.

spotWhat we saw

Press coverage for Socialist Party campaigns in Southampton and East London

Workplace news

spotPCS Left Unity assistant general secretary election rerun

Chris Baugh is standing for the PCS Left Unity assistant general secretary nomination in a rerun of this election.

spotFar right attack on Manchester rail workers’ picket line – trade union fightback needed

Far-right protesters, wearing yellow vests, verbally abused the RMT transport union picket line at Manchester Victoria station on 5 January.

spotGrayling’s attacks on rail workers wages ‘un-fare’

The government continues to claim that Britain’s economy is doing great and that everyone’s wages are sky high.

spotSolid strike by Arriva bus drivers

650 bus drivers, members of Unite the Union employed by Arriva, commenced a week-long strike on 6 January in a dispute over low pay. Drivers based at Darlington, Durham, Redcar and Stockton believe they are the second-lowest paid Arriva bus drivers in the country.

spotFerry workers protest against £2.45 an hour pay

spotUCU Wales suspends FE strike action

German revolution 100 years on

spotHeroic martyrs of German Revolution

January 15 marks the 100th anniversary of the murders of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, two of the outstanding leaders of the German and international working-class movements.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotDisruption of Leeds Socialist Party meeting shows need for unions to lead real struggle

Leeds Socialist Party’s branch meeting was harassed by individuals calling themselves ‘Antifa Watch’ on the evening of Monday 7 January. They entered our meeting place, filming, and threatening our members and supporters verbally and physically.

spotBringing socialist ideas into movements on women’s rights

spotTremendous effort sees Socialist Party smash fighting fund target in 2018

Socialist Party members and supporters raised £44,171 in the final three months of 2018 – 147% of the target of £30,000! Because of this huge effort we also surpassed the annual fighting fund target, raising £130,632 altogether.

spotNHS funding crisis: Tory ‘super-plan’ is a super-con!

Theresa May has been trumpeting an increase in spending on the NHS and a ten-year ‘super-plan’ for NHS England. But this is not what it seems.

spotLinking LGBT+ rights to the fight for socialism

spotNorth Tyneside Campaigning to save our footbridge

Following an initiative of the North Tyneside Socialist Party, a 60-strong public protest took place on 29 December against Labour-run North Tyneside council’s plan to demolish the historic Borough Road footbridge in North Shields’ town centre.

spotCarmarthenshire council: Unison demands no-cuts budget

International socialist news and analysis

spotProtests continue to rage in Sudan

Sudan has been rocked by extensive anti-government protests since 19 December. People in the diaspora have come out in large numbers outside Sudanese embassies to show their solidarity. In contrast, most media outlets in neighbouring countries have been silent.

spotBlocked for years, but the Socialist Party of Nigeria is now standing in elections

After years of campaigning to be officially recognised, the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN – launched by the Democratic Socialist Movement and others) is able to stand in elections.


spotTheatre review: Women of Aktion – the heroic story of how World War One was ended

Women of Aktion by the Bent Architect Theatre Company tells the story of the women and men whose heroic actions brought World War One to an end.

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Letters to the Socialist editors


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