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The Socialist issue 1026

23 January 2019

Corbyn: stand firm for a general election

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The Socialist issue 1026

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What we think

spotCorbyn: stand firm for a general election

Tory government in extremis – workers’ action needed to kick them out! It is urgent that Corbyn and the unions call a mass campaign for a general election

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotNationalise big pharma: end this profit-driven NHS crisis

NHS faces drug price hikes: Instead of subsidising their profits with tax breaks, they should be nationalised under democratic workers’ control and management

spotDuke’s car crash: one law for them and another for us

While it’s unlikely one of us would be allowed on the road at 97 after such recklessness, the Duke of Edinburgh needn’t worry about the consequences

spotRacist jobs discrimination same for 50 years – unions must fight for jobs for all

Black and Asian workers in Britain have to send almost twice as many job applications before we get a positive response

spotWales is Europe’s prisoner capital: capitalist cutters’ crimes to blame

A socialist justice system would have rehabilitation and protection, not profit, as its goal

spotThem & Us

Davos special! The World Economic Forum will see the planet’s billionaires gather again

Socialist history

spotCuban revolution at 60: defend the gains and fight for workers’ democracy

Sixty years ago in January 1959, the Cuban capital Havana erupted in celebration

Workplace news and analysis

spotBirmingham: hostile Labour council attacks striking workers

Councillor resigns from cabinet: Labour councillors should be accountable to the labour movement

spotMass strike wins historic step towards victory in Glasgow equal pay battle

Unions and representing 13,000 Glasgow council workers have an “agreement in principle” to end low-paid women’s equal pay injustice

spotJohn Lewis workers count the cost of the retail crisis

As a John Lewis worker I was gutted to hear that for the first time in 66 years management might suspend our annual bonus

spotUnison union higher education conference: a missed opportunity to develop a fighting strategy

What’s necessary is a fighting and democratic leadership to develop a clear strategy for the pay battle

spotBristol Deliveroo workers walk out

Bristol Deliveroo workers took strike action on the evening of Friday 18 January

spotPCS union: re-elect Chris Baugh for assistant general secretary

For those who can’t attend their meeting, they can vote by post. All votes have to be in by 5pm on Friday 25 January

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotEnfield North CLP backs no-cuts budget – now councillors must act

Other Labour parties and unions should contact Enfield North to express solidarity for the stand

spotWe need May Day greetings!

Help us strengthen ties between the Socialist and workers, and gain valuable income for the working-class press

spotLeeds: don’t let the far right divide us

About 100 right-wing ‘yellow vest’ protesters gathered in Leeds city centre on 19 January

International socialist news and analysis

spotEurope: school students strike against climate change

School students in Germany and Belgium have walked out against climate catastrophe

spotPoland: thousands mourn death of murdered mayor

Poland has been rocked by the murder of Gdansk’s mayor, Pawel Adamowicz

spotInternational round-up

Reports from strikes and struggle in the USA, Nigeria, Russia, France, Tunisia, Zimbabwe and the Spanish state


spotTheatre: Rouse, Ye Women to tell story of 1910 chainmakers’ strike

Interview: breaking the chains of oppression

spotNon-fiction: The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg “reveals the brutal lengths capitalists will go to protect their system”

On 15 January 1919, two key leaders of the German working class and the Communist Party were murdered

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Disability benefits nightmare; disappearing hospitals


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