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The Socialist issue 1038

17 April 2019

£100 billion for bosses - cuts for us. Fight for the socialist alternative

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The Socialist issue 1038

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What we think

spotTories facing electoral meltdown – but only a socialist alternative to austerity can finish them off

With two weeks to go before local elections in 271 councils in England, the Tories are facing the loss of many council seats.


spot£100 billion for bosses – cuts for us.

MPs get extension after extension on their Brexit crisis. But there are no extensions for workers and young people on our suffocating rent and bills.

spotAssange arrest: US and allied governments seeking revenge for exposing dirty wars

After seven years of self-imposed exile in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was dragged from his place of asylum and arrested by the Metropolitan police.

spotLabour looks to Bank of England to stall house prices

£400 billion worth of land – about 10% of the land mass – has been privatised since 1979, making it the biggest single privatisation, according to economist Brett Christophers.

spotNo-fault evictions ban, but cuts leave tenants vulnerable

You know that things have got bad for private renters when even the Tories realise they need to look like they’re doing something to stop the chronic exploitation of tenants.

spotCuts drive council tax debt

During the campaign against the Poll Tax, we used to say that the tax was unfair because a lord in his manor was expected to pay the same as a dustman down the road.

spotLabour needs socialist policies to solve “climate emergency”

October’s UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report said there is only 12 years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C to avoid devastating effects.

Minimum wage

spot20 years of the minimum wage: Fight for a real living wage for every worker

On 1 April 1999, Tony Blair’s government introduced a minimum wage. It was one of the very few pro-worker steps taken by a right-wing Labour government which otherwise betrayed working-class people with privatisation of housing and public services, and war.

Workplace news

spotNewham bin workers ballot for strikes

Refuse workers employed by Newham Council in east London could have lost more than £20,000 each in the last decade in a dispute over grading.

spotArriva Rail North cleaners fight bosses’ punitive pay arrears

Cleaning staff on Arriva Rail North have been told by their employer, outsourcer ISS, that they will be forced to work eleven days with pay owed in arrears. Members of transport union RMT protested outside Manchester Victoria station on 10 April.

spotSchool staff demand action on pay and testing at NEU conference

School workers’ anger has been expressed at the 2019 conference of the National Education Union (NEU).

spotDeliveroo workers protest at firm’s Nottingham roadshow

Deliveroo riders and supporters protested in Nottingham on 13 April at the company’s ‘roadshow’ in the city centre.

spotPCS union: vital local strikes and a national pay ballot – vote for a fighting leadership

Huge attacks face workers represented by civil service union PCS. It is vital that the union elects a campaigning leadership, up to the challenge of fighting Tory cuts.

spotUnison union: right wing tries to block campaigning – elect a socialist leadership

1.3 million ballot papers are going out to members of public service union Unison to elect their national leadership.

International socialist news and analysis

spotSudan: No to rule of the generals!

After 30 years of dictatorship in Sudan, historic mass protests have achieved the fall of President Omar Al-Bashir in a forced ‘palace coup’ by the generals. Following this, a ‘transitional military council’ was established, with defence minister Amhed Awad Ibn Auf sworn in as president.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotLabour councils must act now to save our schools!

A new Ofsted report shows that educational support for vulnerable children is failing. The report outlines how thousands of children are being taught in alternative provision, often in very poor conditions with no qualified teachers.

spotCouncil elections – an opportunity to present a socialist alternative to cuts

On 2 May council elections are taking place in England, along with six directly elected mayors. The Socialist Party is contesting around 40 seats across the country, as well as the mayoral election in Leicester.

spotActivists rally in fight for more council housing and against high rents

At a well-attended public meeting in Bracknell on 8 April local activists, including Socialist Party members, met to discuss building a campaign against homelessness, high rents and the lack of council housing in the area.

spotAlternative housing awards

Recently, the UK Housing Awards website said its annual event at the plush Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, London on 1 May would be hosted by comedian Romesh Ranganathan.

spot‘Reforms’ hollow out the NUS

National Union of Socialists (NUS) conference met this year in Glasgow to decide the future of the union. The so-called ‘turnaround motion’, drawn up by the leadership in response to a financial black hole in NUS accounts, was passed.

spotYouth climate strikes: Democratic organisation and socialist policies needed


spotEngels’ classic essential for understanding socialist ideas old and ‘new’

As Tony Saunois points out in his foreword to the new Socialist Books reprint, ‘Socialism: Utopian and Scientific’ remains one of the best introductions to Marxist ideas.

spotReal life on Universal Credit: “As soon as I get billed for my electric, I’m finished”

Hi. I’m Luke. I live alone and I’m on Universal Credit.

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Letters to the Socialist including National Action, socialists miners and the army.


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