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Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Socialist issue 1044

29 May 2019

Now get the Tories out

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The Socialist issue 1044

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EU elections

spotTories smashed in Euros – Now get them out

Tory prime minister Theresa May is going. With ten leadership candidates announced and rising, the nasty party is tearing itself apart before our eyes

spotEuro elections 2019 – Across Europe

Populist right and Greens make gains: As the European ruling classes feared, the Euro elections have confirmed the turmoil that exists throughout the continent

spotEuro-elections in Scotland and Wales

Labour punished by working class over Brexit fudge, cuts and national question

International socialist news and analysis

spotIndia: Modi victory – Socialist fightback needed

India’s general election has returned Narendra Modi’s far-right, Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party to government

Climate change

spotThe Green New Deal we need is socialism

A socialist Green New Deal would mean nationalising the energy giants, and commanding heights of the economy, under the democratic control and management of the working class

spotClimate change strikes continue to resonate

Build for action against Trump visit: For a fourth time in successive months, young people, mainly school and college students, took to the streets in cities and towns across the UK

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotBlistering UN report condemns Tory austerity – workers’ action can end it

The role of pro-market policies is clearly exposed as creating “a digital and sanitised version of the 19th-century workhouse, made infamous by Charles Dickens”

spotThem & us

It’s one world for the bosses and another for the rest of us. Queen backs EU; pensioners forced to work

Workplace news and analysis

spotSave steel jobs: Demand socialist nationalisation

British Steel, the UK’s second biggest steel firm, has been taken into compulsory liquidation

spotPCS conference: defeats for union officialdom and steps taken to rebuild a fighting left opposition

2019 will be seen as a defining PCS conference, where activists challenged control by the union officialdom and its echoes in the lay structures

spotDetermined Sellafield nuclear workers’ industrial action continues

The confidence and determination of the low-paid Mitie workers at the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria is rising with every day on strike

spotKirkby factory workers walk out over unfair dismissal

The strike has gained support from local activists and has now lasted over a week

spotWales train fleet workers to strike against transfer to private company

RMT transport union members in train fleet maintenance in Wales are planning to strike against a threat to their job security, pensions, pay and terms and conditions

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotTrump out – Tories out!

Tens of thousands will take to the streets of London on 4 June to protest against the visit of US president Donald Trump

spotFight the far-right – fight for socialist policies

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, attempted to hold a Euro-election rally in the Bootle Dock area on 19 May

spotTeignmouth: hands off our community hospital!

Teignmouth took to the streets again protesting against the threatened closure of our community hospital

spotBirmingham Pride – revitalising political struggle

Pride should be used to fight back against oppression and as a platform to promote socialist policies


spotThe unheard voices of Gosport

Why I joined the Socialist Party: “I’ve been speaking with some others of my generation in Gosport to discuss what is happening and what should happen”

spotObituary: Pauline Dunlop (1947-2019)

Pauline was a stalwart Militant-supporting Labour councillor in the 1980s struggle to defend Liverpool from Thatcherism

spotObituary: John Boots (1942-2019)

John first became politically active during the great anti-poll tax movement of the 1990s


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