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The Socialist issue 1063

6 November 2019

Whose side are you on? Tories out - Corbyn in with anti-austerity and socialist policies

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The Socialist issue 1063

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spotWhose side are you on? Tories out – Corbyn in with anti-austerity and socialist policies

spotTony Blair launches manifesto to sabotage a Corbyn government

Former Labour prime minister Tony Blair has laid out his general election strategy in the Financial Times: “Save Britain by supporting moderate MPs”. As clear as day: prepare to sabotage a Corbyn government.

spotGrenfell fire inquiry spin deflects blame from establishment

Press coverage of the Grenfell Tower inquiry’s first report emphasised criticisms of the fire brigade rather than the important fact that it found that the cladding on the tower breached building regulations.

spotGeneral election 2019 round-up

The latest developments in the general election campaign

Berlin Wall

spot30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: How a mass revolutionary movement for genuine socialism was diverted

While, for millions, the 1989 opening of the Berlin Wall was rightly celebrated as a great victory for democratic rights, the build-up to the official celebrations to mark its 30th anniversary have, as before, been dominated by anti-socialist propaganda.

Socialism 2019

spotElections, strikes and revolutions: Socialism 2019 – daring to fight

“Just two words: at last!” This year’s Socialism event – Socialism 2019, on 2 and 3 November – came as the parliamentary logjam finally burst apart into a general election.

spotPCS: “Under the right leadership workers are prepared to fight”

Socialist Party member Marion Lloyd, who is standing for general secretary of the civil service union PCS, spoke at the main rally at Socialism 2019.

spotRoyal Mail strike: “This is going to be the biggest battle we’ve seen in Britain for a number of years”

Socialist Party Scotland member Gary Clark, who is the branch secretary of the Scotland Number Two CWU branch spoke at the main rally at Socialism 2019.

spotMcDonald’s: ‘I’m fighting for £15 an hour now because I have to work from 7am to midnight’

McDonald’s striker Lindon, who will be walking out on 12 November spoke in the ‘£15 an hour minimum wage – is this what we need to fight for?’ session at Socialism 2019. Below are extracts from his speech about why he is fighting for £15 an hour

spotNorthern Ireland: Uniting the working class to transcend division

Donal O’Cofaigh is the CWI’s first elected councillor in Northern Ireland and is pioneering the struggle for independent working-class political representation in the North.

spotPreparing to shape events internationally

The packed international rally at Socialism 2019 was a display of the strength and determination to build the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI).

International socialist news and analysis

spotEnd repression in Chile – freedom for soldier David Veloso

The following statement was issued on 4 November by members of Socialismo Revolucionario, CWI in Chile, and the Committee against repression in Chile

Workplace news

spotPCS: Pay, jobs, pensions… Vote for a fighting general secretary

On Thursday 7 November, ballot papers go out to 180,000 PCS members in the election for general secretary. The ballot closes on 12 December.

spotUCU votes for pay and pension strikes

The University and College Union (UCU) has decisively voted to back strike action in two separate ballots over pensions, pay and conditions in higher education.

spotIncompetent bosses use tech to bully us

Management at my warehouse uses new technology to harass the workers – and has even proposed a new pay deal which includes scrapping Christmas bonuses for most of the shopfloor.

spot£1 million cuts plan: Peabody housing workers announce strike ballot

Peabody housing plan £1 million of cuts to housing management budgets by March 2020, with potentially devastating consequences to residents and workers. Unite members have voted overwhelmingly to start a formal strike ballot.

spotForbo Flooring Derbyshire strike

The strike at Forbo Flooring UK in Ripley Derbyshire has entered its third week.

spotWest Midlands Trains guards to strike

89% of senior conductors (guards) have voted for strike action over West Midlands Trains plans to downgrade the role and remove key safety responsibilities.

spotDouble-dealing Hackney council bosses face renewed strike action

Minimum wage

spotMinimum wage debate: what should we be demanding?

The Socialist is running a debate. How we can end low pay and what minimum wage level should we be fighting for? In this issue, readers share their thoughts.

Readers’ opinion

spotTV: Crime and Punishment – this brutal watch is a damning indictment of cuts and capitalism

This compelling six-part documentary, filmed over two years, really underlines the deep crisis throughout the criminal justice system.


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