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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 1065

20 November 2019

Tories out

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The Socialist issue 1065

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What we think

spotHigh Court injunction: solidarity to the CWU

There should be an emergency national demo, support for whatever action CWU members decide to take, and an immediate joint meeting of the TUC and Labour leadership

spotCWU – ground laid for an almighty struggle

Climate change

spotMajor funding for flood risk management needed

The recent large floods in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and other areas have resulted in damage to thousands of houses


spotSave the NHS: kick out the Tories

Tory lies exposed – Labour’s record and programme – how to rebuild the NHS with socialist policies

spotFrimley NHS Trust: Strikers remain determined to defeat privatisation

Hospital support staff struck on 18 and 19 November against transfer to a ‘wholly owned subsidiary’

Violence against women

spotWhat policies are needed to end domestic violence and abuse?

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: Rebuild women’s services – fight for a socialist society which drastically changes women’s position

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotBroadband: privatisation has failed to deliver, time for a socialist plan

Labour’s policy announcement to nationalise Openreach and BT broadband infrastructure, and provide free internet for all, has had an impact

spotBolton university fire: government inaction puts safety at risk

Fire ripped through a six-storey student accommodation block, with what eyewitnesses described as terrifying speed, on the evening of 15 November

spotWages flatline, while shareholders profit

Returns for top company shareholders have increased by 56% in just five years

Workplace news and analysis

spotUCU pay and pension strike: university staff have had enough

On 25 November, striking university staff will be sending a clear message to management that we’ve had enough

spotWest Midlands Trains: guards strike to defend safety-critical role

On 16 November, senior conductors at West Midlands Trains took their first day of strike action

spotPCS union: elect Marion Lloyd!

The vote for the next general secretary of civil service union PCS has started, and it closes on 12 December

spotCleaners strike over low pay at Haringey secondary school

Outsourced cleaners struck at Highgate Wood School in north London to demand an end to appalling working conditions

spotBradford library and museum strikers enter third round of strike action

Library and museum workers in Bradford were holding firm as they entered their third round of action from 18 November

spotLong hours in the world of security

He said he had started at 4am and would be working till 8pm, and then going on to work on the door at a pub

spotNEU members’ sixth-form walkouts

National Education Union members will strike at over 30 sixth-form colleges on 20 November over pay and conditions

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotSecret police infiltration of workers’ movement exposed

Trade Union Conference Opposing Political Policing: Up to 200 socialists, trade union activists and community campaigners took part

spot150 protest against Leicester hospital downgrading attack

More than 150 protested on against cuts in the NHS nationally and locally

spotCarmarthenshire union demands no-cuts budget

With both Labour and the Tories promising more spending, there is no excuse for any council to make more cuts

spotSwansea: students protest against Hillary Clinton hypocrisy

Hong Kong demo brushes with pro-dictatorship students: Former US secretary of state and failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton returned to Swansea University on 15 November

spotKeep the National Poetry Library free

A fight is on to keep the National Poetry Library free to join and use by the public

spotSelling the Socialist

Just a few of the events where the Socialist newspaper has been sold in the past few days. Seizing chances in Leicester, election action in Cleethorpes, CWU solidarity in York

Readers’ opinion

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Austerity kills, defend the CWU, no rape justice, disabled poor

International socialist news and analysis

spotAmazon bosses defeated in Seattle – Kshama Sawant reelected

The attempt by bosses of Amazon and other companies to effectively buy control of Seattle city council was defeated by a city-wide reaction against their takeover attempt

spotChile revolt continues: read eyewitness report

Mass social protests against inequality, injustice and state repression, continue to erupt in Chile weeks after an uprising was sparked by a hike in Metro fares in Santiago


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