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The Socialist issue 1068

8 January 2020

Climate change. Poverty. War. Capitalism must go - fight for socialism

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The Socialist issue 1068

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spotSuleimani’s assassination – Middle East thrown into turmoil

Shockwaves went around the world, and outrage spread in the Middle East, when news broke of Trump’s unilateral decision to assassinate Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds force and a key Iranian leader.

spotTrump attacks Iran – London protest: We need workers’ action against war and austerity

Socialist Party members responded to the call to oppose Trump’s drone strike on Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and the ratcheting up to war on Saturday 4 January.

Defend the right to strike

spotBuild union resistance to Tory attacks

The mask has slipped – almost the first act of Boris Johnson’s new government was to use the Queen’s Speech to prepare new anti-trade union legislation. So much for Boris trying to portray himself as pro-worker. It’s the same old story, or rather same old Tory!

spotDefend the right to strike

The Queen’s Speech announced the new Tory government’s intention to add yet more anti-union laws to Britain’s statute books.

spotDefend the right to strike! – RMT and NSSN lobby parliament

What we think

spot2020: Class struggles and capitalist instability will intensify

Today’s mass movements against the ‘establishment’ and capitalism will develop further around the world

Workers demonstrating in France, 5.12.19, photo by GR

spotLabour leadership election

Commitment to socialist policies and democratic party needed.The nomination process for the Labour Party’s leadership and deputy leadership contests has begun, with the ballot to take place from 21 February to 2 April.


spotCapitalism must go – fight for socialism

If visitors from outer space had come to earth for Christmas, they would surely ask: who the hell is in charge here?

spotTrouble ahead for Johnson: Brexit is far from ‘done’

In the general election Johnson got his majority in parliament to “get Brexit done.” But those who voted for him because they wanted to finally finish the endless chaos and uncertainty surrounding Brexit will be disappointed.

spotTory minimum wage hike not enough

Ignoring the realities of living in austerity Britain, the Tory government has announced that the National ‘Living Wage’ will increase by 51p to £8.72 an hour in April. Every improvement is welcome, of course.

spotNorthern Rail franchise in question: nationalise the railways!

The Tories’ announcement that they are likely to revoke Northern Rail’s franchise referred to Northern’s service being “completely unacceptable.” That’s true.

spotChildren need intensive care? We don’t care!

This is the practical attitude of this Tory government, which has overseen a project of vicious NHS cuts – to the point where hospitals in England are struggling to provide beds to young children in desperate need of intensive care.

spotShell pays £0 corporation tax, and plans huge hike in fossil output

Faced with increasing scrutiny worldwide, oil giant Shell has revealed it paid no UK corporation tax in 2018. This is despite Shell also earning nearly £557 million in pre-tax profits in the UK over that year, with global pre-tax profits being $35.6 billion.

spotIgnore the hype – austerity goes on: organise to resist

It’s not just the Socialist that is challenging Johnson’s claims that he will end austerity and grow the economy. According to the director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, winning the election was “the easy bit.”

spotInternational wave of revolt continues

Workplace news

spotWhat next after the general election, for PCS and the left

Preparing the PCS civil servants’ union to withstand the attacks of the new Tory government is urgent. Equally important is the role our union can play in ensuring the whole trade union movement responds to the coming attacks.

spotCouncil concedes to striking winter gritters’ demands

spotWest Midlands RMT guards jobs saved

RMT transport union members at West Midlands Trains have scored a victory over bosses in a dispute over scrapping guards on trains.

spotAll we want for Christmas is a no-strings pay rise

spotAnti-academy strike action in Newham


spotSocialist Party members out on the streets

Street stalls were held across the country on Saturday

spot£50,240 – a new fighting fund record

spotAvenue of trees saved!

Readers’ opinion

spotStudents 2 : 0 Tories

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Letters to the Socialist’s editors.


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