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The Socialist issue 1076

4 March 2020

Coronavirus: Underfunded, understaffed - NHS is NOT prepared

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The Socialist issue 1076

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spotCovid-19: A socialist response to the Coronavirus crisis

A socialist response to the Coronavirus crisis including: the preparedness of the NHS, a workers’ charter for tacking the crisis, schools, trade unionists’ demands and who will emergency measures protect?

International Women’s Day 2020

spotInternational Women’s Day: Fighting sexism and austerity

International Women’s Day feature including young women, students and uni workers against anti-abortionists, Women’s Lives Matter, what’s socialism got to do with it?, trade unions and a programme to fight oppression

spotA legacy of women workers and the class struggle

International Women’s Day, with its history of being rooted in struggle, has, in recent years, been diminished. Big business increasingly uses it as a cynical opportunity to give the illusion of being progressive and inclusive. Sinead Daly looks at the real history of International Working Women’s Day and the socialist ideas it inspires today.

Workplace news

spotUni strikers determined to defeat the bosses

Well over 100 strikers and supporters rallied at Leeds University on the fifth day of strike action on 28 February. One of 14 universities joining the strike action nationally in this latest round of 14 days, taking the number in total to 74.

spotDefend the right to strike! Southampton solidarity meeting

RMT transport union guards on South Western Railway (SWR) will be on strike again, 9-10 March and 12-13 March, in their fight to maintain ‘safety critical’ guards on the railways.

spotStrike wave around London – this is why we need socialists in city hall

London Labour mayor Sadiq Khan has declared that he will “stand up for London”. Nancy Taaffe, Socialist Party member, asks: “Who in London did he have in mind?

spotWest London parking workers’ strike

Ealing parking attendants are on strike 2-6 March, having pushed back the employer to stop redundancies. Serco wants them to work longer hours, with more responsibilities and fewer staff.

spotCharity workers’ strike

As Addaction charity workers in Wigan resumed strike action on 27 February, they expressed their anger that this national charity had spent £140,000 on a relaunch, ironically renaming the organisation “We Are With You” – presumably in an attempt to distance the organisation from the strike!

spotElectricians pay victory

Electricians at Sandwell Council, West Midlands have won better pay. Unison local government union members had been taking action short of striking since 6 January, after voting 100% on a 94% turnout for both action short of strike action and strike action.

spotAnti-academy strikes kick off in Redbridge

The snow didn’t stop staff, parents, children and supporters turning out on the picket line. St Bede’s in Redbridge took their first day of strike action against the school becoming a privatised academy.


spotRoyal Glam A&E: Victory is within our grasp

The struggle to retain a permanent, consultant-led, 24/7 A&E at Royal Glamorgan hospital has entered a new, important phase.

spotWhat will we do if they cut Camden nurseries?

Camden council cuts mean four nurseries will lose all their places for two, three and four year olds. Campaigners lobbied the Labour council against the £600,000 cut to the budget on 2 March.

spotLabour councils miss opportunity to stop Tory cuts

In the same week at the end of February, three Labour councils in the south – Brighton, Reading and Southampton – had an opportunity to use Labour’s strongholds in southern England to rally opposition to further Tory austerity and set no-cuts budgets to defend jobs and services.

spot30,000 strike for the climate in Bristol

The weather was torrential rain. But this did not stop 30,000 demonstrators turning out to hear Greta Thunberg address a Bristol climate strike rally, the only place she was going to be speaking publicly on this visit to Britain.

spotWhy I joined the Socialist Party: I resent the 1% and the system that allows them to exist

During my childhood we were always a poor family. I enjoyed a myriad of poverty food while living with my father in a small flat.

spotSecret cuts meeting couldn’t prevent protests in Newham

The council kept the details of their £45 million cuts meeting a secret, until very late, to prevent protests outside. But that didn’t stop the Socialist Party, Newham trade union council and others on 2 March.

Socialist Party Congress

spotSocialist Party Congress 2020: A world in turmoil and weak British capitalism faces working-class anger

International news

spotIndia: Bloody pogrom fuelled by Modi’s sectarianism

Readers’ opinion

spotThe Socialist Inbox

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