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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Socialist issue 1085

6 May 2020

Bosses push to lift lockdown - they only care about profits

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The Socialist issue 1085

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What we think

spotBosses push to lift lockdown – they only care about profits

This week will mark seven weeks since Britain entered lockdown. It appears that the death rate from Covid-19 is finally starting to fall. Nonetheless, the official number of deaths is now higher than every other European country

Coronavirus news

spotDispatches from the NHS front

I’ve spent most of this week in the ‘cold’ emergency department, still wearing mask and apron, X-raying patients with broken bones, serious gastric issues, cancer and so on

spotBail out the real wealth creators, not the rich

Remember the bank bailout after the 2007-08 crisis? The banks went cap in hand to the taxpayer while their executives continued to receive multimillion-pound bonuses.

spotHomes needed to end overcrowding

The revelation that people living in poorer areas of the country are twice as likely to die from Covid-19 as those in affluent areas, according to the Office for National Statistics, will not be a surprise to readers of the Socialist, writes Dave Carr, East London Socialist Party.

spotHomeless left on streets during pandemic

On 29 March, the government told local councils and outreach teams to bring all rough sleepers into accommodation, writes Andrea Gilbert, homelessness worker.

spotPay full fees for virtual courses? – No way!

The HE sector faces a massive funding ‘black hole’ which could see thousands of job losses if the government does not step in


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Test and trace

spotTest and trace: workers need a real plan

spotTories using pandemic to shift lab testing out of NHS

The Tories have set up a parallel structure to the existing NHS laboratories network, involving big private companies, and a mixture of unidentified and unqualified staff, writes a NHS laboratory worker.

Workplace news

spotNationalise British Airways to stop 12,000 redundancies

British Airways’ announcement of 12,000 redundancies represents an opportunistic attack on its workforce, writes a British Airways worker.

spotPostal workers force Royal Mail back

spotNo increase in transport capacity without adequate safety precautions for workers and passengers

There are reports the government is considering abandoning advice to maintain two metres social distancing, write RMT members in London.

spotUnsafe Workplace? “It’s up to you” PCS tells reps and members

PCS union reps and members at Paisley Jobcentre walked out on 24 April. Following an outbreak of Covid-19 in their office, they reached an agreement allowing staff to go home

spotFurther protests in Ireland against Debenhams closures – UK fightback needed

Among the slew of retail companies entering administration, Debenhams has the highest profile, not least for only recently coming out of administration after closures, write Socialist Party members in Usdaw.

spotRolls Royce threatens 8,000 job losses

Rolls Royce has announced a possible and imminent 8,000 redundancies. This was explained as ‘necessary’ because of huge cuts in production by aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus

spotEDF Energy workers furloughed on 100% pay

International news

spotIndia: Fighting the curse of capitalism and coronavirus

spotUS: Trump’s public health cuts have condemned thousands worldwide

spotTrump puts profit before safety (again)

Lessons from history

spotThe Tyneside apprentices’ strike during WW2


spotPeter Hadden remembered

Readers’ opinion

spotGoing viral: Socialist comments and letters on the corona crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is a world social crisis which touches every aspect of life. The iniquities and failings of the capitalist system are being exposed

spotTV Review BBC Panorama: PPE shortage – how many lives will be lost?


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