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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 1091

17 June 2020

Capitalism = inequality. Fight for socialism!

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The Socialist issue 1091

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What we think

spotWhich way forward for Black Lives Matter protests?

spotOppose racist symbols and the racist system


spotCapitalism = inequality. Fight for socialism!

spotBlack Lives Matter: more youth protests take aim at capitalism

spotContact tracing fiasco: You can’t believe a word the government tells us


spotYouth without a future: fight for jobs and homes – fight for socialism!

Workplace news

spotResist relaxation of Sunday trading laws

Since rumours emerged in the media about the government considering a one-year relaxation of Sunday trading regulations, the leadership of retail workers’ union Usdaw has finally started moving into action

spotDebenham’s protests: Workers must not pay price of Covid-19

spotBattle with BT management needed to win real pay rise


spotTories retreat on free school meals

Against the backdrop of mass anti-racist protests and growing anger against inequality, the Tories have made another u-turn

spotParents’ protests against Welsh schools reopening

spotCumbria: Teachers, parents and socialists fight reckless school reopening


spotTears and anger over the treatment of the Windrush generation

‘Sitting in Limbo’ is a powerful and moving real-life drama. It shows the trauma of Anthony Bryan, a member of the Windrush generation, as he struggles against removal from Britain

spotFilm: Da 5 Bloods – entertaining but politically constrained

Campaigns and party news

spotWhy we joined the Socialist Party

spot20 days. One town. Four domestic violence murders.

“We want deeds not words”

spotFight for a socialist future!

More than £500 has been donated to the Socialist Party during Black Lives Matter protests around the country in the last few days

Lessons from history

spotReform or revolt? How was the slave trade abolished?


spotScotland and coronavirus – a catalogue of government failure

Readers’ opinion

spotThree years on: No justice for Grenfell, no peace from BLM

Three years ago 72 people died in Grenfell Tower, in the richest borough of London, due to profit-over-safety seeking companies

spotTwo-metre rule under ‘review’ – Another case of profit before safety

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