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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 1100

9 September 2020

15% now - unions must fight for NHS pay rise

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The Socialist issue 1100

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Coronavirus news

spotFight the schools Covid crisis

Schools have gone back overcrowded and under-resourced, with more infections reported every day. What is the real situation in our schools and colleges – and what needs to happen to combat it?

spotSafety overridden in drive to bolster the economy

Even as cases of Covid-19 infections are rising dramatically, the Tories are desperately trying to get workers back to their workplaces and spending money in city centres.

spotCaerphilly lockdown puts profits before safety

spotUnder the microscope

Campaigns and party news

spotJobs, training, pay, we want a future!

spotDover: Solidarity with refugees – applause and cheers for socialist ideas to unite working class

spotBLM: Socialist alternative to racist capitalism

Black Lives Matter (BLM) held a demo in Newport calling for justice for Jacob Blake, shot seven times in the back by police in Wisconsin, and Mercy Baguma, a Ugandan asylum seeker who was found dead in her Glasgow flat alongside her one-year-old malnourished son.

spotBig push to hit finance target


spot15% now – unions must fight for NHS pay rise

spotCallous Tories threaten not to uprate the minimum wage

spotXR blockade: Don’t let the Tories criminalise protest

spotGrenfell fire inquiry stops victims attending

spotVideo game developer attacks Black Lives Matter

What we think

spotU-turn Tories’ splits are growing

Workplace news

spotFight Amazon’s anti-union spies

spotNSSN rally: Workers must not pay the price of Covid

spotNottingham City Council: The (mis)adventures of Robin Hood Energy

spotCovid-19 pandemic increases financial pressures on Welsh local government

spotIreland: Debenham’s workers occupy stores

spotHull: Defend Tony Smith!

spotReinstate Richie Venton


spotA critical election for Unison general secretary


spotBack at work! TUSC to stand in elections again against pro-austerity politicians

International news

spotBelarus: Mass opposition continues to defy repression by Lukashenko’s regime

spotStrike wave marks new stage in revival of Iranian workers’ movement


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