7 June 2002

Local government workers: Vote Yes For Action!

UNISON'S BALLOT of local government workers in England and Wales opens on 10 June. The other unions involved, TGWU and GMB are balloting their local government membership separately around the same time

7 June 2002

Blunkett's New Attack On Asylum Rights

HOME SECRETARY David Blunkett has announced two additions to the Asylum Bill currently going through parliament, which are a major attack on the rights of refugees seeking asylum in Britain

7 June 2002

PCS: Defend Union Democracy

IN THE High Court on 31 May, a judge ruled that the election of Mark Serwotka as general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) was legal and that the union executive's actions to remove him were illegal

7 June 2002

Drugs Policies Still Aren't Working

IN THE first in a series of articles on crime and related subjects, MIKE FORSTER looks at the question of drug abuse:

14 June 2002

Fight Labour's Big Business Policies

SUPPORT FOR New Labour in opinion polls is sinking fast. It's now at its lowest level since the fuel protests in 2000. Former transport secretary Stephen Byers might have gone, but that hasn't stopped

14 June 2002

Council workers' pay battle: End Low Pay Now!

COUNCIL WORKERS in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are putting pressure on local authorities by announcing a one-day strike on 17 July

14 June 2002

US economy Recovery, What Recovery?

WE WERE told that the US economic recession was over. Now the apparent recovery is being described as sluggish, fragile, shallow, uncertain or maybe not a recovery at all

14 June 2002

Northern Ireland: A Tinderbox Of Anger

ANY IDEA that the problem of sectarian violence along "interface areas" was something unique to North Belfast has been shattered by the fighting that erupted in the Madrid Street area in the east of the city, writes Peter Hadden, Belfast.

21 June 2002

Enough Is Enough: Time to fight back!

WE COULD be heading for a "summer of discontent". Public sector workers in particular have had their fill of privatisation, cuts and attacks on working conditions. Many are saying "enough is enough".

21 June 2002

Hands Off The Post Office

WHEN OUR manager announced the 1.1 billion loss in Consignia and the additional 17,000 job losses on top of the 15,000 already announced, my workmates cheered at the resignation of Chief Executive John Roberts, a London postal worker writes.

21 June 2002

Defend Asylum Rights

THIS WEEK is Refugee Week. Thousands will be demonstrating in London to defend the right of asylum

21 June 2002

Unison conference: Delegates Back Privatisation Battle

UNISON LOCAL government conference, meeting for two days before the main UNISON conference, saw the leadership overturned five times in the first four hours, writes Bill Mullins.

16 February 2017

Aslef members reject Southern deal - now for coordinated action to fight to win

Train drivers in the trade union Aslef have delivered a tremendous answer of working-class solidarity that will astound Southern Rail management and the Tory government but also their own union leadership and that of the TUC. Despite the recommendation by Aslef leaders to accept the deal to end their dispute, drivers have rejected it by 54%-46% after a 72% turnout.

12 July 2002

Strike Back Against Low Pay

Council workers say...: THE DECISIVE votes for strike action by members of UNISON, GMB and TGWU working for local councils, reflects their growing anger over low pay, writes Brian Blake, service conditions officer, Ealing UNISON, personal capacity.

22 February 2017

Support the NHS? Join the march!

Angry about cuts? Worried about privatisation?: The NHS was founded to provide healthcare for everyone. Yet increasingly, cuts mean NHS services are becoming 'no longer viable' or harder to access. The BBC reckons two-thirds of hospital services in England are about to be scaled back.

12 July 2002

Potters Bar inquiry: Bring Rail Bosses To Justice

RAIL WORKERS and passengers will be horrified by the findings of the inquiry into the Potters Bar rail crash, which killed seven people in May

12 July 2002

Summer Of Discontent

What We Say: NEXT WEDNESDAY, 17 July could see the biggest industrial strike in Britain for more than 20 years. Low-paid council workers have voted to reject a 3% wage offer; up to one million are expected to take

12 July 2002

Another Dangerous New Mental Health Bill

NEW LABOUR'S Mental Health Bill includes provision for people with mental illnesses to be committed to long stay accommodation in case they may become a danger to the public (or themselves), writes Clare Wilkins.

12 July 2002

Big Business Scandals - Don't Let Workers Pay The Price

WORLDCOM is the latest American company to rock world stock markets with its false accounting. Apparently at least one of its directors couldn't tell the difference between expenses and profit. This scandal

12 July 2002

How Capitalism Rips Off The Working Class

IN THE third article in our occasional series on Marxist classics, KEN SMITH looks at Karl Marx's pamphlets, Wage Labour and Capital and Wages, Price and Profit

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