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12 June 2015

1945 - when Britain said no to Churchill

TV review: Seventy years ago, at the general election of 5 July 1945, a historic Labour landslide swept Winston Churchill out of power, and gave Clement Attlee's government a big majority

More ...

3 June 2015

How the unemployed are targeted with sanctions

A Jobseeker's Allowance claimant describes how she was subjected to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) draconian sanctions regime

More ...

3 June 2015

Setting the anti-war record straight

Charles Kennedy, the former Lib Dem leader who died on 2 June, is being remembered in the pro-establishment media for his speech at the mass anti-war demo on 15 February 2003

More ...

3 June 2015

The lessons of Labour's 1945 victory

This summer will see the 70th anniversary of the election of the 1945 Labour government, which carried out massive improvements for the working class

More ...

French resistance fighters liberated Paris from Nazi occupation

French resistance fighters liberated Paris from Nazi occupation

27 May 2015

VE Day: When 'liberation' meant socialism

Commemorations marking the 70th anniversary 'victory in Europe' (VE) day recently took place in Britain (and throughout the world) with establishment dignitaries saluting veteran service men and women who liberated Europe from the clutches of fascism

More ...

20 May 2015

State and big business spied on activists

The general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) Matt Wrack reacted angrily to the news that police undercover agents had spied on him at anti-racist activities during the 1990s

More ...

20 May 2015

Fight Tories' new 'anti-extremism' law

The Tories plan to announce a raft of new 'anti-extremism' powers for the state in the Queen's Speech on 27 May alongside their proposed scrapping of the Human Rights Act

More ...

photo Sujeeth

20 May 2015

Tory war on youth

Protest at re-opening of parliament on 27 May: Shock at election result has quickly turned into anger and action

More ...

Police film London May Day demonstrators, photo Paul Mattsson

20 May 2015

Stop the "elites fortifying their power"

No Place To Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the US Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald is reviewed by Tony Saunois, secretary of the Committee for a Workers' International

More ...

21 April 2015

TUSC v broadcasters and banksters

"I have been looking for a party I could believe in ... after tonight's broadcast I think I've found it", said one trade unionist

More ...

15 April 2015

Remembering a lost generation

Artist and Socialist Party member Peter Robson has been commissioned by Bradford Cathedral's arts space (which is funded by the arts council) to provide paintings at an exhibition in May 2016

More ...

15 April 2015

'The largest party you've never heard of'

The radio this morning keeps talking about the seven largest parties contesting seats in Parliament. There's one party missing from that list - TUSC

More ...

15 April 2015

Nuclear scrap

Labour and the Tories have been at loggerheads over who can beat a patriotic war drum loudest regarding a replacement to the trident submarine 'nuclear deterrent' system

More ...

10 April 2015

Manifesto launch: 135-seat five-point pledge

TUSC launched its manifesto in Canary Wharf, described by Dave Nellist as "the belly of the beast"

More ...

8 April 2015

Israel/Palestine: Palestinian Land Day

Members, both Palestinian and Israeli, of Socialist Struggle (CWI Israel/Palestine) took part in the 39th Palestinian Land Day, commemorating the first mass revolt of Palestinian people inside Israel against the expropriation of Palestinian land for Jewish settlements

More ...

1 April 2015

TUSC set for TV broadcast

Great news - TUSC has reached the threshold set to qualify for a TV election broadcast

More ...

1 April 2015

Election 2015 Cameron and Miliband Live

TV Review: With parliament dissolved, the 2015 general election campaign has officially commenced. And while the winning party, or more likely combination of parties, is hard to predict, one thing is certain - whoever forms the next government will continue with capitalist austerity

More ...

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