Socialism 2019, London 2-3 November, photo Paul Mattsson

Socialism 2019, London 2-3 November, photo Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Socialism 2020, from Friday 20 to Monday 23 November, will be like no other event you will attend this year. It will provide a Marxist analysis and explanation of many of the different aspects of the multi-crisis world we live in.

In that way, Socialism 2020 is not different to previous Socialism events. But this year we are sadly prevented from meeting in person.

Nonetheless, there is no drop-off in the numbers attending – and you will want to know how an online Socialism works. All details will be emailed to ticket holders.

Rally: world in crisis and the fight for socialism

Saturday 21 November 6-8pm

The main Saturday night rally is always the highlight of the weekend, a vast hall packed, red flags, intense listening, sharp as nails socialist speeches. This year the rally can be watched by anyone anywhere in the world! It will be live streamed on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. You can go online now and click to get a reminder alert:

  • Facebook:
  • YouTube:
  • You can also go to the Socialist Party and Socialism 2020 websites where there will be a button that takes you to the live stream.


Starting Saturday 21 November 11am-1pm, through to Monday 23 November 2-4pm

In the workshops there will be an introductory speech which sets out the Socialist Party’s take on the issues, and then time for discussion and debate, and a reply to the discussion. All the workshops will be on Zoom. They will not be live-streamed. The links for the Zoom workshops will be emailed to everyone who has bought a ticket – whether for the entire event, three workshops, or one workshop. You can buy tickets or upgrade your ticket until 2pm on Monday 23 November.

Financial Appeal

During the rally there will be a finance appeal. The Socialist Party relies only on the support of our members and supporters, and has no big business backers. We have set an ambitious target for the weekend of £25,000.

If you would like to donate to this fund, please visit our website: or, or you can text an IOU to 07958032071.

Please include your name, the amount you are pledging, and when you can pay it by. You can donate until the close of Socialism 2020 at 4pm on Monday 23 November.

Friday evening introduction

Friday 20 November 6-7pm

This Zoom event, open to ticketholders, is starting later than advertised to accommodate those at work, school, etc. This short session will set out why it’s so important to organise Socialism 2020 and how it will work. You will hear from leading members and activists on some of the key themes of the weekend.

Can you join the Socialist Party during Socialism 2020?

If you are not yet a member of the Socialist Party there will be a more informal zoom meet-up on Sunday 22 November at 1pm in which you can find out how to join, what being a member means, and ask all the questions you want about the Socialist Party.

Fund the fightback – Donate today or call 020 8988 8777 or text IOU to 07958032071 or make cheques payable to Socialist Party, PO Box 1398, Enfield EN1 9GT