Nominate Broad Left Network rank-and-file socialist candidates

PCS BEIS picket line, July 2019, photo Paula Mitchell

PCS BEIS picket line, July 2019, photo Paula Mitchell   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Katrine Williams, PCS Member

The Broad Left Network (BLN) is standing candidates in the 2022 PCS national elections. It is challenging the current, failed, almost invisible Democracy Alliance (a pact between Left Unity and PCS Democrats).

The Broad Left Network is a rank-and-file socialist group, united around a fundamental purpose of reclaiming the union for its members, and to building a serious campaign that reverses the erosion of union power and wins for members.

During February and early March, PCS branches will be arranging their annual general meetings. At these meetings nominations will be made for candidates for president and the executive. BLN candidates received over 40 nominations in the 2021 elections and will be aiming to increase this number in 2022.

At its conference in January the BLN adopted a fighting programme to democratise the union, and take up workplace issues, from pay to Covid. It is this programme which the BLN candidates will put forward in the 2022 PCS elections.

The BLN conference also agreed its slate which includes a number of Socialist Party members. These are the candidates which we believe activists in the union seeking a bold, fighting leadership should nominate.

Statement from Marion Lloyd – BLN president candidate

“The current union leadership is non-existent and has done little to nothing to tackle the key issues facing our members. In March 2020 they ditched the union’s pay claim in the interest of so-called ‘national unity’ – a sign of weakness which has emboldened the Tories and, in my view, provoked last year’s pay freeze. Little wonder the government, shamefully, felt able to ignore the union, and not consult or even attempt to reach agreement about how PCS members should be treated in the context of Tory announcements about Covid and any mass return to the workplace. If we are serious about tackling the government on a forced return to the workplace, pay, jobs, pensions and the whole range of issues we are having to address, then we need a change of leadership.”

Please nominate


  • Lloyd, Marion (BEIS)


  • Brittle, Fiona (Scot Gov)
  • Brown, Sarah (Met Police)
  • Semple, Dave (DWP)
  • Rosser, Jon-Paul (HMRC)

Executive council

  • Bartlett, Dave (MOJ)
  • Bridges, Andi (HMRC)
  • Brittle, Fiona (SG)
  • Brown, Alex (NHS Digital)
  • Brown, Sarah (Met Police)
  • Davies, Jaime (HMRC)
  • Denman, Kevin (Met Police)
  • Dennis, Alan (DSG)
  • Doyle, Nick (HMRC)
  • Exley, Matt (Culture Sector)
  • Foxton, Gill (DfE)
  • Francis, Sue (UKSBS)
  • Heemskerk, Rachel (DWP)
  • Lloyd, Marion (BEIS)
  • McDougall, Rachelle (Crown Office)
  • Parker, Nick (ACAS)
  • Rees, Dave (DWP)
  • Ritchie, Rob (Met Police)
  • Rosser, Jon-Paul (HMRC)
  • Semple, Dave (DWP)
  • Tweedale, Saorsa-Amatheia (DWP)
  • Suter, Paul (DWP)
  • Williams, Katrine (DWP)
  • Worswick, Craig (DWP)
  • Young, Colin (DfE)
  • Young, Bobby (HMRC)
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