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23 May 2018

Leicester socialists fight poverty-paying sweatshops

The full effects of Tory policies, both economic and social, are being felt in Leicester, as sweatshop conditions and shocking illegal levels of pay persist in 2018.

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9 August 2017

Coordinated action needed to break pay restraint

The misery of austerity for millions of workers is set to continue under the Tories. Chancellor Phillip Hammond has defended the 1% pay cap and claimed that public sector workers are overpaid

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9 November 2016

Courts and tribunal services face huge cuts

Huge changes are afoot in the civil service that will leave jobs slashed and public services a husk of their former selves. Given that 86,000 jobs have already been axed from the civil service over the past five years, this may seem like old news but the scale and scope of the Tories' austerity-driven changes are only now being revealed.

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1 June 2016

PCS conference takes serious approach to key political and industrial questions

PCS has been to the fore in resisting government cuts and attempting to bring together public sector unions in coordinated action.

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30 March 2016

Fighting the great tax robbery: taxes and regulation or socialist nationalisation?

Tax avoidance has been in the headlines lately, provoking renewed calls to tax the rich and big business

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We are the 99% - Take the wealth off the 1% Socialist Party placard, photo Paul Mattsson

We are the 99% - Take the wealth off the 1% Socialist Party placard, photo Paul Mattsson

3 February 2016

Tax the 1%

We all know the score. Put your hand in the till at work, you're gonna get sacked. Snatch someone's purse or wallet and you'll likely have the police after you. Hold up a bank and you'll get 15 years

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25 November 2015

"I'm voting for Roger because I believe we need change in our union"

Unison members have been leafleting workplaces

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13 May 2015

Check-off attack will not defeat PCS

The PCS civil servants' union very existence has been threatened over the past year. The politically-motivated decision by the government to withdraw check-off has tested the union to its limits

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11 March 2015

Oppose tax office's 'company union'

A new 'company union' - the Revenue and Customs Trade Union (RCTU) - has been launched in HMRC, months after leaked documents showed such a move was planned as part of attacks on the socialist-led PCS civil service union

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18 February 2015

HSBC tax dodging scandal

Put the establishment on trial!: The HSBC tax dodging scandal has further exposed the rottenness of the political establishment. Both the Tory party and Labour received millions in donations and loans from super-rich tax avoiding clients

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10 February 2015

Defend the PCS - Solidarity to defeat union-busting

The government plans to render PCS incapable of defending and representing its members, and to silence its opposition to cuts and privatisation, writes John McInally

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21 January 2015

Safeguarding PCS against vicious Tory attacks

As the Tories threaten to increase Britain's draconian anti-trade union laws beyond the general election, thousands of trade union reps across the trade union movement are even now facing huge cuts in their facility time

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19 November 2014

Leaked document reveals union busting plan

PCS vice-president John McInally spoke to the Socialist about the government's attacks on the civil servants' union

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1 August 2014

Tax workers walkout against cuts

PCS members in HMRC have been striking as part of regional rolling action on one of the three days from 30 July to 1 August

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2 July 2014

Workplace news in brief

PCS action stops sell-off: Workers have been informed that privatisation will not be happening within this term of government

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24 June 2014

Rolling strike action in HMRC

HMRC workers in Shipley had a well staffed picket line on Tuesday 24th June as part of rolling strike action across the department against the latest attacks by their management

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13 January 2014

PCS protest against tax office closures

Public and Commercial Services union representatives will demonstrate outside HM Revenue and Customs' Whitehall headquarters tomorrow (14 January) ahead of a decision on tax office closures

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18 September 2013

Workplace news in brief

Glasgow Unison walkout: Council workers in Glasgow walked out on 13 September after a social worker was suspended in a row over workloads. The action continued by members of the Homeless Team on 17 September

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Barking Job Centre PCS on strike 5 June 2013, photo Socialist Party

5 June 2013

PCS rolling strike programme

On 3 June, a week of rolling strike action in the two largest government departments began

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