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Ten years of the socialist: 1997-2007

THE SOCIALIST was launched ten years ago, in February 1997. Like its predecessor, Militant, launched in 1964, the socialist entered the scene just as a long period of Tory government was about to end with the election of a Labour government. And, as Ken Smith, the first editor of the socialist explains, like its predecessor, the paper had to cover and respond to massive world-changing events in the immediate years after its launch.

The Militant 1964 - 1997

The Rise of Militant

Militant's Thirty Years 1964 - 1994: The official history of the Militant Tendency, forerunner of the Socialist Party by Peter Taaffe

The Militant 1964 - 1997 back issues has scanned copies of a number of back issues of the Militant newspaper.

Militant no179 2nd November 1973