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The Socialist issue 1014

17 October 2018

ToriesÂ’ Brexit bust-up - general Election Now

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The Socialist issue 1014

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What we think

spotTories’ Brexit bust-up – general election now

Editorial of the Socialist issue 1014: Before this week’s EU summit Tory ministers were once again desperately trying to square the circle on their Brexit proposals


spotUniversal credit = universal misery

Hapless Prime Minister Theresa May, at the recent Tory party conference, threw a bone to the public by declaring ‘the end of austerity is in sight’. If you’re on the receiving end of Universal Credit (UC) it probably feels like you’ll need to use the Hubble telescope!

spotNew anti-poll tax type revolt needed today

spotHomeless driven from Windsor streets for royal wedding: abolish the monarchy and end homelessness now!

Quick, look rich – the royals are coming! Yet again the homeless of Windsor were moved on in preparation for another royal wedding on 12 October.

spotToxic fracking gets the go-ahead while protesters jailed

After seven years of an England-wide ban on fracking, high court judge Justice Supperstone has overturned a request for an injunction on the soon to be opened fracking site in Lancashire run by Cuadrilla.

spotNo to fat-cat top judges’ £59k pay hike – fight for decent pay for criminal justice workers

The Senior Salaries Review Body recommends that salaries for High Court judges be increased by 32%, taking them from £181,500 to £240,000 a year. The establishment pay board says this is needed to recruit future judges.

spotTory and Trump hypocrisy over murder of Saudi Arabian journalist

The disappearance and presumed death of US-based, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has provoked a worldwide reaction.

Mental health

spotFully fund mental health services now

Stigma around mental health is decreasing, and that’s definitely a good thing. But it’s not nearly enough when services are being cut to the bone and most of us have been left without crucial lifelines.

Workplace news

spotPCS union: nominate Chris Baugh as Left Unity candidate for assistant general secretary

The left in the PCS union, PCS Left Unity, has started the democratic process to agree its programme for the union, and who will stand on the Left Unity ticket for the PCS 2019 national elections.

spotStriking Brum home carers reject ‘final’ pay cut offer

At a mass members’ meeting on 5 October, Birmingham Council home carers unanimously voted by show of hands to reject the council’s ‘final’ offer and continue striking.

spotSouth Western rail workers launch five-day safety strike to save guards

Workers on South Western Railway are striking for five days from 23 to 27 October against management plans to remove the safety-critical role of the guard.

spotUber drivers strike against unfair ‘deactivation’ and low pay

“We want our rights! We want our rights!” Uber drivers struck across the country on 9 October against unjust disciplinary sanctions and poverty pay.

spotBolton hospital workers strike

Cleaners, catering staff and porters at Royal Bolton Hospital struck for 48 hours on 11 and 12 October over pay. The strikers are organised by public service union Unison.

spotGrimethorpe dinner ladies stage all-out strike against redundancy

“No ifs, no buts, no dinner lady cuts,” is the song from the picket line. Nine dinner ladies at Ladywood Primary School in Grimethorpe, Yorkshire are now on indefinite strike against being made redundant.

spotCable makers’ pay strike bites as production falls 33%

Production at Prysmian Cables and Systems in Eastleigh, Hampshire has dropped by a third since workers launched industrial action in September.

spotNewham finance staff fight pay and grading insult

Workers for Newham’s Labour-led council who are responsible for processing payments to suppliers are hacked off at bosses for grading their important jobs in a way that gets them less pay.

International socialist news and analysis

spotLibres y Combativas: striking for women’s rights in the Spanish state

On 8 March 2018 – International Women’s Day – an unprecedented strike against sexism and women’s oppression took place across the Spanish state. Libres y Combativas played a central role. Now, the campaign is building for a new student strike on 14 November. The Socialist spoke to Ana Garcia, an activist in Libres y Combativas


spotThe renewed relevance of Engels’ classic Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

This short pamphlet by Friedrich Engels is, along with the Communist Manifesto, one of the best and most significant introductions to Marxism. It greatly adds to our understanding of the roots of socialism and the tasks of the working class to fundamentally change society.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotDemo against far-right DFLA

spotSocialism – the podcast offering Marxist analysis for the movement against capitalism

The Socialist Party has launched a podcast! The first three episodes of ‘Socialism’ are out now, with a new episode to be released every Monday.

spot‘Corbyn-council’ faces a choice: Implement or fight the cuts

spotDevon foster carers fight 30% cut in allowances

If austerity is over, no-one told the Tory councillors of Devon County Council. Foster carers are to have their allowances cut by 30%.

spotDe Montfort freshers stall

The Socialist Students stall outside this year’s freshers fair at De Montfort University, Leicester – demanding ‘Tories out – Corbyn in’ – got a very good response with over 30 sign-ups.


spotPeterloo film exposes bloody nature of capitalism

Director-scriptwriter Mike Leigh has created an excellent feature length film of the 1819 Peterloo massacre

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Letters to the Socialist’s editors including Brazil’s climate threat, NHS bullying and cuts and rats.


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